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Creator Newsletter – September 2021


Find the latest IMVU Studio BETA release HERE

  • ‘Secondary Actors’ is here!
  • New Sort Options in Derive Mode
  • New Particle System Parameters

Download the Latest Release!


Get Started Creating

If you’ve never created before, these tutorials are ideal for getting started!

Want Fall Fashion Inspiration? Check out the latest Trends from our Top Creators


Watch our latest IMVU Studio Learning Sessions

Want get started on IMVU Studio? Check out these recordings of our live IMVU Studio Learning Sessions! Also be sure to check your IMVU messages for upcoming sessions.

  1. IMVU Studio Overview and Shininess
  2. Deep Dive Into Workflow
  3. Make Products look Great with Transparency
  4. Particles and Animated Textures
  5. Scale Products & Optimize Shine

Editing your IMVU Classic Products in IMVU Studio

Learn how to import .CHKN files and edit products originally made in IMVU Classic, using the new IMVU Studio Creator Tool.

FREE ways to get your Shop Promoted

  • IMVU Studio Product Feature – Submit a video clip and image showcasing your IMVU Studio Product, and you could be featured on our Discover Feed and Instagram channel, which are seen by tens of thousands of potential customers! Complete this form to apply https://forms.gle/X36LoJm8mJuxc5z77
  • Greeter Gift Promotion – submit your product to be considered for an IMVU Greeter Gift https://forms.gle/4ob7FZcrrag8eFyw6. Having your product selected as an IMVU Greeter Gift is a great way to promote yourself as a Creator!

Get Featured in this Newsletter

Apply to have your texture featured in our next newsletter as an inspirational example for other IMVU Creators. Your product could also be promoted in the IMVU Discover Feed! Apply here!

Get Inspired

Get in the creative spirit with this candelabra-inspired Ghost Dress by Perlu, made in IMVU Studio. Fiery fashion at its finest.



Meshing Furniture in IMVU Studio – the Basics

Want a refresher course in meshing furniture? Need some tips on meshing in IMVU Studio? Check out these helpful video tutorials below.



IMVU Studio Learning Sessions

Be sure to check out our latest IMVU Studio Learning resources here where you’ll learn about IMVU Studio basics, shininess, workflow and more. Check out these valuable resources!

Calling All Room & Furniture Creators!

Apply to be showcased in our Room & Furniture Creator Spotlight, like Creators Kty and MsBabyX. If you’re chosen, in addition to being featured in our discussion forums, you’ll also be featured in a message going our to our IMVU Community. This is a great way for you and your shop to get noticed. Apply Now!

We’re also looking for amazing room & furniture Creators to potentially contract with IMVU on individual projects! These projects will be made using IMVU Studio. Learn more here

Get Featured in this Newsletter
Apply to have your mesh featured in our next newsletter as an inspirational example for other Creators to use. Apply here!

Get Inspired

Creator @RoyMeshes has taken a layerable fur coat, meshed and textured in IMVU Classic – and transformed it into a brand new shimmery fur coat in IMVU Studio. Notice their use of normal and texture maps to create dynamic shine!

If you want to give your IMVU Classic products an IMVU Studio facelift, check out these tutorials