IMVU Studio Toolkit

IMVU Studio Toolkit is in Beta

We are actively developing IMVU Studio Toolkit starting with Blender to perfect the base functionality. We will be periodically updating this tutorial as we move to a 1.0 release. Stay tuned!

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What is the IMVU Studio Toolkit?

IMVU Studio Toolkit is a new toolset which is installed in your 3D authoring application which provides a streamlined workflow to creating mesh products for import in to IMVU Studio.

How do I get it and install it?

IMVU Studio Toolkit is available for Blender, 3DS Max and Maya. We are officially supporting the most recent Long Term Support (LTS) version of Blender, 3DS Max 2017, and Maya 2023, though Studio Toolkit may work on later versions.

Download and Install IMVU Studio Toolkit

Install IMVU Studio Toolkit – Blender

  1. Download the zip file ‘
  2. Open Blender.
  3. Open Preferences: EditPreferences.
  4. In the Preferences dialog select Add-ons.
    • If IMVU Studio Toolkit is already installed, remove it first.
  5. Select Install and navigate to to the location where you downloaded the zip file, select the zip file and click Install Add-on.
  6. Once the IMVU Studio Toolkit add-on is installed, click the checkbox next to it to enable it.
  7. Close the Preferences dialog.
  8. With any workspace active, press the ‘n’ key or select ViewSidebar to bring up the window sidebar.
  9. Click on IMVU Studio Toolkit to open the tool.

Install IMVU Studio Toolkit – 3DS Max

  1. Download the zip file ‘’ and extract all of the contents to any folder you would like
    • ex) C:\Users\John\Documents\3dsmax\scripts
  2. The contents should be:
    • IMVUMegaScene.max
    • IMVU_Studio_Toolkit.mcr
  3. Open 3DSMax
  4. Drag “IMVU_Studio_Toolkit.mcr” into the viewport
    • Once installed, you can update it by replacing the old files and dragging future versions into the viewport and it will update itself
  5. Right click in the toolbar and click “Customize…”
  6. Under the “Toolbars” Tab, click on the “Category:” Dropdown
  7. Select IMVU
  8. Click and drag “IMVU_Toolkit” onto the toolbar
  9. Once it is in the toolbar, you can hold alt and click&drag to organize the button where you would like it
Install IMVU Studio Toolkit – Maya

  1. Download the zip file ‘’ and extract all of the contents to C:\Users\<your_username>\Documents\maya\<maya_version>\scripts
    • ex) C:\Users\John\Documents\maya\2023\scripts
  2. The contents should be:
    • IMVUMegaScene
    • site-packages
    • IMVUTextures
    • IMVUStudioToolkit.ui
  3. Drag the file into the Maya viewport. A button will be created in the current toolbar you have open.

If you have questions about installing or using the IMVU Studio toolkit, feel free to ask in our Creator Community Discussions HERE.

Updated on December 7, 2022

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