Making Furniture

The IMVU Catalog offers designs for every taste, but if you want to add a personal touch to your room, this is your starting point for creating furniture with your own custom look. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make your own version of IMVU’s Tutorial Couch.

Let’s dive in and make your first piece of furniture. After you have learned how to customize an existing furniture item, we will show you how to start from scratch.

1. Getting the Required Textures

If you are not familiar with textures, please read Introduction to Textures.

For this tutorial, we will be deriving from the Tutorial Couch.

To get the textures required to make your own version of the Tutorial Sofa, click here to open the product page. You will see the links for the different texture downloads.

Download Images

  • STEP 1. Click on each of the image links. Each will take you to a different texture image.
  • STEP 2. Right click the image then click Save Image As to download it to your device.

The textures should now be downloaded to your Downloads folder or to any other folder you selected.

2. Customizing Your Textures

Once you have the images, you can make the texture your own by customizing them in your preferred image-editing software! We have provided tutorials for two popular applications, Photoshop and GIMP.

To customize your textures in Photoshop or Gimp proceed to:

Customizing your textures in Photoshop
Customizing your textures in Gimp

3. Creating Your Product

Once you have completed customizing your textures, it’s time to create your very own version of the Tutorial Sofa by importing and applying your customized textures in IMVU Studio!

Fire up IMVU Studio and create your product by deriving from the Tutorial Couch product.

  • STEP 1. Create a new Product by clicking on the “CREATE” button or the  Tab in IMVU Studio.


  • STEP 2. Derive from the Tutorial Couch product by searching for its name or PID (54834573) and clicking“DERIVE”.

Once the product has loaded, apply your customized textures.

  • STEP 3. Select the materials you want to edit by opening the Material panel by clicking on “COMPONENT” tab and then the material icon in the left-hand panel. The Materials panel allows you to select the material used in this product.

  • STEP 4. Import the textures you customized by opening the Inspector panel by clicking the “INSPECTOR” tab on the right-hand panel. Hover over the thumbnail beside “Diffuse”, and click on the  button. On the pop-up window, click on “ADD IMAGE”.
    Import the textures you have customized. Make sure you are importing the texture that corresponds to the part of the product you selected under the Material Components section.

After the texture is uploaded, you can preview how your sofa looks like.

  • STEP 5. Click on the “PREVIEW” button to see the changes you made.

Once you are happy with the result, you just need to edit the product information (thumbnail, product name, category, search keywords, and more) that will show up in the Shop.

  • STEP 6. Edit the product information by filling out the details in the “INFO” panel.

  • STEP 7. Once you’re done filling out your product information, click on the “SAVE” button and then Submit your product to the Shop by clicking on the “SUBMIT” button.

After submitting your product to the Shop, a message indicating that the submission has been successful pops up.


CONGRATULATIONS! You have derived your first furniture!

For more information on publishing a product, click here.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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