Making an Accessory

Accessories are a great starting point for anyone looking to dip their toes into Creating! In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make your own version of IMVU’s Glasses.

Getting the Required Textures

If you are not familiar with textures, please read Introduction to Textures.

To get the textures required to make your own version of IMVU’s Glasses click here to go to the product page. You will see three images: the texture for the frame and bridge of the sunglasses, another for the lenses, and an opacity texture also for the lenses.

Download Images

  1. Right-Click on each texture
  2. Click Save Image As to save the texture to your computer

The textures should now be downloaded to your Downloads folder or any other folder you selected during step 2 folder.

Customizing Your Textures

Once you have the images, you can edit them in your preferred image-editing software. We have provided tutorials for two popular applications Photoshop and GIMP.

To customize your textures in Photoshop proceed to:

Making an Accessory – Customizing in Photoshop

To customize your textures in GIMP proceed to:

Making an Accessory – Customizing in GIMP

Creating Your Product

Once you have completed customizing your textures it’s now time to create your very own version of the IMVU Glasses product by importing and applying your customized textures in IMVU Studio. Fire up IMVU Studio and create your product by deriving from the IMVU Glasses product.


For more information on searching for a PID and deriving from it, you may wish to read this tutorial.

STEP 1. Create a new Product by clicking the Create button or the + sign in IMVU Studio.

STEP 2. Derive from the Glass F by searching for its name or PID (46130329) and clicking Derive.

Once the product has loaded, apply your customized textures.

STEP 3. Select the materials you want to edit by opening the Material panel by clicking on Components tab and then the Materials icon in the left-hand panel.

STEP 4. Import the textures you customized by opening the Inspector panel by clicking the Inspector tab on the right-hand panel, click on the thumbnail beside Diffuse. Click Add Image, and import the glasses frame texture you have edited.

Again on the left-hand panel, click on the Lenses entry in the Materials panel. Add the lenses texture under Diffuse. Under Opacity, you can add the opacity texture that you have edited.

Composite Mode

To make sure that your glasses’ lenses display the opacity properly, check that Transparency Mode is set to Composite Blend.


If you want to see the changes you made at any time, click on Preview.

STEP 5. Edit your product information by filling out the details under the Info panel. The Info panel is where you can edit the Product details that will show up in the Shop, such as the Product Icon, markup, search keywords, and more.

STEP 6. Save and Submit. Once you’re done filling out your product information, click the Save button then Submit.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have derived your first accessory!

For more information on submitting and publishing a product click here.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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