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Deriving a New Product

What is Deriving?

Derivation is an important step in Creating products. When a Creator “derives” from an existing product, that means their new product inherits the characteristics of the product they derived from. They then edit the product to override certain aspects, such as textures, then submit it as a new Product.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to search and Derive from Products in the IMVU Shop.

How do I Derive from a Product?

1. Create a new project

Start a project by clicking on File > New or the + button below the menu bar. You can also start a project by clicking the Home button on the upper-left corner, and clicking Create on the upper-right side.

File > New

+ Button

Home > Create

2. Select a product to derive from

A search bar will appear, where you can type in either the Product Name or the Product ID (PID) of the item you wish to derive from.

Finding the Product ID

The Product ID (PID) is a string of numbers that uniquely identifies each product in the IMVU Catalog. Searching by PID is an efficient way to look for an exact product.

To find the PID, open the product in your web browser (either through IMVU Next or IMVU Classic websites) and check out the URL in your address bar. The PID is the string of numbers after the “products_id=” (IMVU Classic) or “product-” (IMVU Next) tag at the end of the URL.

Next Website Classic Website

When searching via PID, make sure to click the search toggle in the Search Bar.

When searching via Product name (Product), you will also be able to narrow down your search by using the categories filter on the left panel.

Click on the Product you wish to derive from. The item information will appear on the right. To start Creating, click Derive.

The Derivation History

Among the details you will see when clicking a Product from search is its Derivation History (also called the Derive Chain). Here, you also have the option of choosing and deriving from a Product that is farther up the Derive Chain.

Non-Derivable Products

Some products are set as “Non-Derivable” meaning other Creators cannot Derive from them. However, if you set your product as Non-Derivable you can still Derive from it.

Updated on August 13, 2021

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