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How to wear and gift your own products

Now that you are a member of our Creator Community, you can wear and/or gift your own products, and promote your Shop while doing so. It is very easy! Keep reading to find out how to do it.

When you submit a product to the Shop, you are the only one who can wear and use it. 

In case you want others to see and/or buy your items, you need to Publish them.  When a product is published, it is immediately sent to Peer Review. Once it passes Peer Review, it is placed on the Catalog. 

By publishing your products and making them visible to IMVU customers, they can be seen, purchased, and gifted.

Learn more about Peer Review and How to publish a product by reading the article “Publishing a product”.

How to put on your own products

Before wearing either a purchased product or your own item, you have to be aware of something important. You cannot put on items with a different gender than your avatar. Therefore, make sure that your avatar and the product you want to wear has the same gender.

For this tutorial, we will use as an example an accessory, a male pair of sunglasses. 

You are just a few steps away from wearing your own product. Let’s start!

In your Inventory you will find the products you have purchased and the ones you have submitted to the Shop.

  • STEP 1. Go to IMVU Next and select the category of your product in your Inventory.
    As we are looking for a male pair of sunglasses, we click on INVENTORY Men Accessories.

    You can also use the left menu for searching your product.

  • STEP 2. Find your product and click on it.

Now, your avatar is wearing the chosen product.

If you have a long list of items, just type the product’s name or words that describe the product you are looking for in the Search Bar.

Wearing your own creations is a great way to promote your work. 

You can take pictures while wearing your products and publishing them on your Feed!

You can also wear your products while you are in Chat Rooms allowing others to see them!

Friendly Reminder

Make sure that your products are published and have passed Peer Review! In this way, you can use them in public and other users can see and purchase them.

How to gift your own products

Who does not like receiving gifts? So, why not use gifting as a way to promote your Shop? It can be a great way to advertise your products, attract new customers, and be grateful for the support of the existing ones.

Only published products can be gifted. So, make sure that the item you want to send as a present is already published. Click here to know more about this topic.

Let’s see an example of how to gift your own products from your Inventory and your Shop.  Let’s imagine we want to give as a present the previous pair of sunglasses. 

Whether you choose to send a gift from your Inventory or  your Shop you will see that STEP 1 and STEP 2 differ depending on the chosen path. From STEP 3 and on, all steps are the same regardless of the option chosen.


  • STEP 1. Go to IMVU Next and find the item you want to send as a gift in your Inventory.
    In this case, we click on INVENTORY Men Accessories.
  • STEP 2. Click on the product’s name.

    Please, click here to go to the next step.


  • STEP 1. Go to IMVU Next and click on your avatar picture in the top right corner of your screen.
    • STEP 1.1. A menu will drop down. Click on the first option of the menu, the one with your avatar picture and name.
    • STEP 1.2. Your Profile opens. Go to “CREATOR SHOP” and click on the “SEE ALL PRODUCTS” button.
    • STEP 1.3. Your Shop opens. It could be helpful for you using the left menu to search for the item you want to send as a present. In this case, we click on Men Accessories.
  • STEP 2. Click on the product’s name.

After clicking on the product’s name, the Product Preview appears on the screen.

From now on, the following steps are the same regardless of which path you have followed to arrive at this point.

  • STEP 3. Click on the gift icon  that you can find in the top left corner of the Product Preview.

The Recipients Panel pops up. You can choose up to 10 recipients (friends and online users) to send your product.

  • STEP 4. Select at least one or up to ten recipients and then click on the “NEXT” button.

A Panel with the name/s of the recipient/s, the product you want to send as a gift, and the final cost is displayed on the screen.

If you choose multiple recipients, you will be charged the same number of times as the number of recipients.

You can also add a personalized message if you want.

  • STEP 5. Click on the “CHECKOUT” button at the bottom of the panel to send your product to all the chosen recipients.

Finally, a message pops up ensuring that your recipients have received your present.

You did it! Your recipients have received your gift and have been notified by message.

It has never been so easy promoting your products. We encourage you to keep creating your own products.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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