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Base and Empty Derivable Products

To improve the creating experience, we are introducing base products and empty products that are clearly identified and appear in all of the relevant categories.

You will see these new items at the top of your catalog when you begin creating. Take a look and try them out!

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about our new collection. 

What has changed?

In IMVU Studio, the base derivable products you are accustomed to seeing in Derive Mode have been streamlined to be easier to identify and use.

What is the purpose of this change? How does the update benefit / affect me?

The purpose of this change is to provide a unified presentation of IMVU base derivables.

Many of our base derivables contained old products from 2005! These products need to be hidden with an opacity map or replaced with another mesh, which is messy and difficult to manage. We’ve now provided empty base products that contain no meshes for each category.

How do I use the new features in this change?

We encourage you to start benefiting from these new base products. You will see them at the top of the derivation list in IMVU Studio.

What should I be aware of?

You will notice that the existing base products for head, eye and skins are named differently, but have not been changed in any other way.

Will this change / break my existing products?

We have not changed the existing base products, and have only renamed a few that we decided to reuse. The new empty derivables are different products with unique product IDs and work just the same as the existing Empty Female and Empty Male Clothing products.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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