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Creator Newsletter – March 2021



Find the latest IMVU Studio BETA release HERE

Updates include:

  1. Significant improvements in Preview update process.
  2. A new “Prevent Fresnel on Full Transparency” which allows you to see no reflectivity on 100% transparent materials.
  3. Only allow 1 popup at a time for a quicker and less confusing workflow when selecting materials.
  4. New tool tips across all areas of IMVU Studio.

Download the Latest Release!


Get Started Creating

If you’ve never created before, these tutorials are ideal for getting started!

Get Inspired

Check out this cute crop top by Creator @LysStore, which is made from the very same base in our beginning shirt tutorial. You can make a cute top too! Get started!

How To Get on the IMVU Discover Feed

Getting on the IMVU Discover Feed is a great way to showcase your work! Check out this video for tips on putting your best creative foot forward!


Add Dynamic Shine and Texture to your Products

With the new IMVU Studio BETA Creator Tool you can make products that shine dynamically, based on lighting positions in the room. Shoppers love this new effect and so will you! Learn how to create dynamic shine using normal and specular maps!

IMVU Studio Product Feature

Submit a video clip and image showcasing your IMVU Studio Product, and you could be featured on our Discover Feed and Instagram channel, which are seen by tens of thousands of potential customers! Complete this form to apply

Get Featured in this Newsletter

Apply to have your texture featured in our next newsletter as an inspirational example for other IMVU Creators. Your product could also be promoted in the IMVU Discover Feed! Apply here!

Get Inspired

Check out this gorgeous gown by Creator @Aki, who used normal and shininess maps in IMVU Studio so that the shine in her dress moves dynamically depending on the lighting. You can achieve the same effect too. Learn how here.

We also love this dramatic look by @Lhara, featuring geometric shapes and bold colors. Lhara’s bold style sets this dress apart from the rest.

Finally, @Ckryst’s boho style dress in deep blue and purple, has the perfect shape for elegant natural look. @Cryst started with a high quality mesh by @ilyx and added finely detailed patterns to make this piece extra special.


Calling All Room & Furniture Creators!
We’re looking for amazing room & furniture Creators to potentially contract with IMVU on individual projects! These projects will be made using IMVU Studio. Learn more here

Get Featured in this Newsletter
Apply to have your mesh featured in our next newsletter as an inspirational example for other Creators to use. Apply here!

Get Inspired

Creator @Andzelica has meshed and textured a divine pair of Queen of Hearts shoes, with fancy embellishments fit for royalty. We admire the imagination and detail that went into this product, and can’t wait to see what @Andzelica comes up with next.

Spring is in full swing and Creator @NoooX has meshed the perfect shirt to bring in the season. We love the casual comfort of this open necked button down, with shades included. Dozens of texturers have already grabbed this mesh and added their own unique take on it.