At IMVU we offer a platform where you can express yourself, share experiences, and connect with others. The desire to communicate and share what you find interesting, what you love, or what you feel or think, can be achieved by the powerful language of photography.

Photographs not only capture moments, they express feelings.

Taking pictures fosters creativity and allows you to show off your looks, friendships, outfits and rooms. They can even help you market your products.

We encourage you to capture your IMVU experience and share it with other users, either by taking a photo of your avatar, a perfect scene, or your new outfits and creations.

You can also make yourself known by posting in the Discover Feed!

Taking snapshots is very easy! Below are a few methods for taking a photo through the IMVU Desktop App.

For more information on how to download and install IMVU Desktop App, click here.

1. How to take a photo of your avatar

IMVU Desktop App has a camera feature that allows you to take pictures of your avatar, which you can use as your IMVU Profile Picture.

They look cool, right?

Click here to learn to take photographs of your avatar!

2. How to take a picture in a room

Have you ever wanted to take a snapshot of a perfect scene? Would you like to capture a funny moment with you and your friends?

It’s easy!

Click here and follow the instructions to portray any moment in a room!

3. How to post a photograph in the IMVU Feed

You have seen how fast and easy it is to take photographs of your avatar and snapshots of a room! So, what are you waiting for? Start sharing them!

Make yourself known to the IMVU Community or share your snapshots with your friends, by posting in the Feed!

Click here to get started.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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