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Creating Promotional Videos – Tutorials

Making a Tutorial Video to Display Your Creator Skills

Producing videos to show your creating skills is beneficial in a number of ways. You can show your skills as a creator, inform others how to derive and texture your meshes, as well as be a positive and helpful voice for the community.

While creating your video, it is important to divulge the tools you use such as what 3D or painting programs that are in use. You could even link them in the description of the video for those that may not be aware of where to locate them. You should also inform what skill set may be required to be able to follow along with your tutorial such as a general understanding of how the program works. You could also want to go over possible issues in case a new person following your video as a tutorial might have trouble with.

Keeping intros concise and to the point of the video is important but feel free to add your own personality and flair. This can help viewers identify with you and your branding.

When posting videos publicly, especially tutorial ones, other users may come to you for advice. You do not have to respond to everything, but when you do it is important to be courteous. You can explain things to them directly or link them to helpful resources such as the ones found in the Creator Center.

Showing how you create products can help build trust in the community as people can verify that you are an honest creator. You can show how you make products from scratch. If you continue to make videos people may become invested in watching how you grow not only as a creator but also as an artist. It is crucial that your creations and any content you include follow the IMVU Terms of Service. Any other content you may include such as images and audio is “Royalty-Free” or that you have the rights to use it.

If you are a mesher it may be very helpful to show newer creators how to use and texture your creations. This can build up others as well as help promote your creations.

When making a tutorial you can focus on creating long in-depth videos such as “How to create denim jeans” or you could go for a more direct video that has a single focus such as “How to Create Pockets” and branch out in a larger series of short videos.

It is important to explain what you are doing while you are showing it. Having your cursor show where you are clicking can help viewers follow along. Using interactive elements such as highlighting, circling, or zooming can help show what you are referring to.

General Promotional Video Best Practices

Creating any video, there are some general guidelines that should be considered. Keep a backup of your footage in case you lose it or if you find you need to change something. This can also help you edit it to different aspect ratios for use on different platforms that may use landscape, portrait or square.

Some videos you might want to narrate. You could record your voice with your phone and add it in later if you do not have a microphone, but you may need to invest in a good microphone. Even if your content is good, people generally prefer good audio quality. Add subtitles if you can as well. This will make it easier to follow along for those that may have trouble hearing. It is crucial to make sure any audio and subtitles are in sync with the video. If the subtitles come too early or are delayed, it can create a confusing experience for the person watching it.

Using graphics to indicate areas of interest and adding effects can dramatize the video and make it more interesting to watch. You can add cuts and zooms to create a dynamic experience, but do not go overboard. Minimize any sort of flashing lights and contrasting colors to keep things safe for photosensitive people. You want the person watching your video to feel comfortable and have an enjoyable experience.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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