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Hello everyone, I’m @Prey, and I’m going to give you my marketing tips on how to grow your following. These are the best methods and practices that I can offer and give you.

Post to the IMVU Discover Feed and your Social Media Channels

The number one and foremost tip is to post photos and post consistently. Don’t spam, but one photo a day will go a long way. But also make sure that photo looks amazing. So, whether you’re posting it to your Feed or to your Instagram, the consistency on both platforms is what you’re going to need to do to grow your own following as a Creator or a new social media rising star.

There are multiple things you can take part in, like Top Edit Tuesdays, where you take photos of pretty, edited avatars and post them to the Feed in hopes of being discovered.

There’s also Flash Mobs (@FlashMob or @Flashmobbers (teens) on

And there’s Weekly Outfit Challenges (#IMVUWOC Themes @IMVUInstagram account) that you can also partake in to grow your following.

Discover Feed Feature

If you’re lucky, you might even take a beautiful photo and have the opportunity to see it get hosted on the Discover page which will help grow your following and let people find you.

You can either post to your IMVU Feed for a change to be in Discover, or complete this form. The Discover Feed is one of the best ways for the IMVU Community to discover you and your Shop. 

There’s also paid marketing where you can design a beautiful image and then have it advertised on the Discover and Following Feeds for the Mobile users. For Desktop users you can run campaigns that will appear in the Catalog and Discover Feed. You can find more information about the Creator Ad Program here.

Creator Showcase

Then there’s things like Showcase, where you can apply for free for a chance to have your advertisement displayed on the front page of IMVU. This is the perfect opportunity for new users to discover new Creators that they haven’t shopped before.

To apply for Showcase, you’ll often get a message in your Creator Messages or you can come to the Creator Connection Forums and see what events they’re hosting for that season. To get familiar with Creator Showcase Contests, have a look at the Creator Showcase Guidelines.

Gigs Marketplace

You can also check out Gigs on IMVU under the Gigs Marketplace where you can offer your services in exchange for VCOIN, or find people to help you with your marketing needs like edits, entertainment and events, modeling, and more.

If you ever need to know the cost conversion rate, you can use the conversion calculator on the Gigs home page. Just type in the number and see how much it costs for your service to be made or promoted.

Beautiful Products and Icons

The best way to market yourself as a Creator is purely just to create beautiful products and icons while all establishing a brand, which goes a long way to build your reputation.

Now you don’t have to establish a brand if your icons and your products are already amazing. From my personal experience, I had an account that did not have any kind of advertising done on it and it still made it to the front pages and did well purely because of those two things.

Marketing Collaborations

I like to save the best tip for last, which is collaboration. When you collaborate with other Creators, other people, other models, you grow the best. Not only do you make friends in the process, but you also get to show other talents to the world and you all get to benefit from the growth.

All you have to do to collaborate is just reach out to people on IMVU and see if they want to take part in your projects. People are usually more than happy to be a part of something new and the next big thing.

To find people you can always go to IMVU’s Instagram and you can check out their followers list and scroll through all the people who are following them. It is likely that the people that are following them are IMVU users and you can often see their portfolios on their Instagrams and see how they take pictures.

So if you like how they work then you can reach out to them. You can even try looking for people to hire by going through their Feed and looking for images you like and then seeing who they tag in the photo and look at their portfolios.

Maybe you want to get in Discover on Top Edit Tuesdays, but you can’t edit, or maybe you just don’t have the time to do the edit and you want to market some clothes in that pretty image that you made. So you can always hire someone and then they can design the image for you. And if you get permission then you can post it on Instagram with the hashtag #TopEditTuesday and hopefully have a chance to get featured.

These are the best social media marketing tips that I can offer and I hope these help you in your rise to becoming the next big social media star!

Updated on July 21, 2023

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