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Creator Showcase Information and Guidelines

Several times per year, Creators are invited to apply for a Creator Showcase feature. Chosen Creators are highlighted in our Shop Carousel and Featured Creators list, which appear on the IMVU Website, IMVU Classic Website, IMVU Desktop App, and IMVU Mobile.

Creator Showcase is an excellent opportunity for skilled Creators in good standing to get in front of IMVU shoppers and increase their sales. There are no fees to apply or be featured. Keep an eye out for Creator Showcase announcements in your IMVU Messages and Creator Connection.

Our team has put together information and guidelines that will help with your submission process. Please take these into consideration when applying for Creator Showcase.

Yearly Showcase Events

  • Valentine’s Day (may not occur every year)
  • Spring 
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Halloween
  • Holiday (may not occur every year)
  • Winter

General Guidelines

  • The items must be your intellectual property and link to your Catalog. Broken links or links to an empty Catalog will not be accepted, and not submitting item links for review will immediately disqualify you.
  • Any aspect of your submission, from title of product to product submission and product thumbnail, that goes against our Creator Guidelines will be immediately disqualified and discounted. This includes but is not limited to: racism, sexism, ableism, hate speech, allusions to hate groups, etc.
  • Your account must be in good standing and you may not have any active holds on your account.
  • No AP (Adult Pass) clothing/content or graphic/sexual themes.
  • Submitting copyrighted items results in an immediate disqualification (unless it is YOUR original brand). This also goes for branded characters or other creative intellectual property (IP), or the IP of other IMVU Creators.
  • Creators will need at least four different wearable items (e.g. shoes, hat, top, pants) to be considered for Showcase. Submissions with less than four different items will not be reviewed.

Special Considerations that will increase your chances of being accepted for Showcase

  • Provide an image (url) of your avatar wearing the outfit/clothing you submitted. This will give you special consideration as it allows us to see your vision and creativity. (IMGUR, PostImage, DropBox etc are all great free image hosting sites). If you want to be featured in the Showcase video, you must submit a publicly viewable avatar link or you will not be included.
  • We are only accepting wearable items for Showcase at this time. Until room decoration is supported on Mobile, we want to make sure our featured shop pages are accessible to all users and therefore cannot accept rooms or furniture items. If this changes in the future, it will be specially noted in the Submission Form.
  • While it is not a requirement, submissions that utilize any of the new Creator IMVU Studio features, like shiny maps, particles, etc., will be given special consideration, as will new meshes and highly detailed texture maps.
  • Being chosen in a previous Showcase does not disqualify you from future Showcases. While we try to feature new Creators, any infringement of the previously mentioned guidelines sometimes results in disqualifications. In this case, we will Showcase the next qualified Creator, which may have been previously in the Showcase.
  • We sort through every single submission by hand, and give a lot of consideration to each one. These guidelines are in place to provide everyone who submits their items a fair chance at being Showcased and Featured, and to give Creators an idea of how submissions are chosen.


Updated on July 21, 2023

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