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If you aren’t seeing an increase in your sales, here are several marketing tips for you to consider:

1. Make sure your product pages are as concise and accurate as possible.
Often, the tiny catalog snapshot just isn’t enough to communicate just how lovely and cool your product is. At times it is important to leverage all the tools you have at your disposal to really show off your work. One way is to insert HTML text into the Descriptions window on your products Submissions page. This allows you to create your own Ad for each one of your products, which is illustrated in the Create Your Own Ads tutorial.

If you need some help creating great product detail pages, check out this IMVU generated template. Using your own HTML editing software, this simple template will allow you to replace the placeholder images with your own creations.


Your own service provider’s web server

2. Use product images that accurately illustrate your product.
If you are looking for inspiration for just how best to display your products, have a look at the work of fellow Developers and start at the Planning Your Product Line tutorial.

3. Make sure your product descriptions are concise and accurate, reflecting the details of your product, including any special features, actions, or uses.

4. Choose keywords that correctly represent your product.
Keywords are how your customers find you when they are Searching the vast contents of the IMVU catalog. Be as specific as possible, then explore words that might be associated with your product, or the environments it might be used.

5. Encourage users who purchased your items to leave reviews and tell their friends about you (this is very important – word of mouth goes a long way!)

6. Consistently create new, high quality products.
There are lots of ways to plan out your product line, but best of all is to plan on spending time creating the highest quality products and find new and innovative ways to inform you customers about them.

7. Consider creating a bundle for IMVU to promote.
You can find “Tips for a Successful Promotion” as well as where to send submissions on the Promotional Bundle tutorial page in the Education Center. Bundles can give you a competitive advantage by increasing your visibility, offering branding opportunities, and driving new people to your product pages!

8. Finally, consider using Shoutouts to promote your products.
You can found out about how to use Shoutouts on the What are Shoutouts tutorial.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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