Making an Outfit

It’s quick and easy to sell outfits on IMVU!

Looking to share your style on IMVU? You can create and sell outfits right into the IMVU Catalog! This quick tutorial will walk you through the process, showing you how quick and easy it is. You can watch the above video tutorial, or read on!

At the end of the tutorial we’ll have you make and sell an outfit of your own!

This tutorial is part of the Creator Program. To learn more about the Creator Program, please click here.

1. Find your Outfits

To find your outfits (they’re called Outfit Cards), open the IMVU Desktop App and Log In.

For those who have not downloaded and installed the IMVU Desktop App yet, please read Download and Install IMVU Desktop App.

If you haven’t created an outfit yet, see these articles for easy instructions and information.

Go to one of the modes in your IMVU Desktop App like Dress Up and Shop .

Click the ‘hanger’ icon in the Bottom Toolbar.

Bottom Toolbar

It allows you full access to your clothing inventory. You can add any product or outfit to the avatar you’re using, as long as it does not conflict with the product you’re creating.

Hover over or click one of the Outfit widgets. You will see the info icon appears.

By clicking the info icon , the Outfit Card window will open. It contains all the items included in the outfit.

Outfit Card

  • You can Remove products, Name, Describe, Delete, and Save your local Outfit all you like.
  • AP vs. GA – If an outfit contains an AP product, the Outfit is an AP Outfit. Otherwise, if it contains only GA items, the Outfit is GA.

2. Get your Outfit Ready to Sell

● Outfit Ready to Sell

Your outfit is ready to sell when you see the Sell button in the upper right hand corner of the Outfit Card.

● Outfit Not Ready to Sell

Your outfit is not ready to sell if you see a Can not be sold button in the upper right hand corner of the Outfit Card.

Two things might prevent you from selling an Outfit:

  1. If that particular collection of PIDs already exists.
  2. If the Outfit contains products that are unbundlable.

Product ID (PID)

The Product Identification Number is assigned when a product is submitted to the catalog.

● Make your Outfit Selleable

An outfit that contains ONLY bundlable products can be sold in the Shop.

Bundlable Products

Bundlability is an option that IMVU gives Creators to choose whether or not to have their products included in other Creators’ bundles. This includes Outfits.

Therefore, to make your outfit sellable, click on the Can not be sold button and remove the NOT bundlable products from your outfit.

You can also see if an item is bundlable by going to its Product Page and checking the Creator Tools section near the bottom.

  • Okay to Bundle
  • Not Okay to Bundle

IMVU also does not allow duplicate Outfits to be sold in its Catalog.

● Perfect Picture

Before submitting your outfit to sell, we recommend showing it off with a photo you’re proud of. The Picture you include when you submit your product is the one that will show up in your Shop forever. It cannot be changed at a later date.

Check out these articles on taking a high quality photo in IMVU Desktop App:

3. Sell your Outfit

Before selling your outfit, make sure that it follows Creator Guidelines.

Please, take a look at our “Your Responsibilities as a Creator” article to understand and learn about the importance of following Creator Guidelines.

To sell your outfit, click the Sell button in your Outfit Card.

If your Outfit Card does not know which Gender your Outfit is, click one of the buttons next to Female or Male.

Click the Submit to Shop button.

You’ll see a verification showing you’ll be charged 500 credits for submitting your product and will receive 100 credits profit for every sale. This is standard.

Click the Submit to Shop button again.

● Success!

When your Outfit is submitted to the Shop, the Card will show you the Success screen. This screen contains the Product ID number which is a link to your Outfit’s Product Page in case you wish to make any changes.

When an Outfit is submitted, its name and image are automatically generated so that it does not have to go through Peer Review.

Peer Review

It is where products are reviewed by IMVU users in order to ensure that meet the requirements to enter the IMVU Catalog.

To learn more about Peer Review, please click here.

Close the Card and you’re done!

We procedurally generate the catalog image & name in order to ensure that neither violate the Virtual Goods Policy.

4. Update your Product Page – Optional

You have the option to update your Product Page with a new name, icon, and description, but that will send your Outfit into Peer Review.

To do so, click Edit Settings & Add HTML Description at the bottom of the page.

A pop up will appear, where you can:

  • Upload your own image
  • Customize your product name
  • Add a plain text or HTML description to your page

Click Submit when you’ve made your changes (this will not charge you again).

Now your updated Product Page will go through Peer Review. Once it’s passed Peer Review it will be ready to sell!

To confirm your outfit is ready, go to the Shop in your IMVU Desktop App, type your Avatar Name in the search bar, and your outfit should appear!

An Outfit Bundle’s contents cannot be edited once it has been submitted. This is to protect against bad actors doing mustache-twirling activities.

If you do not like a particular Outfit after it has been submitted, you may hide that Outfit by clicking the small red circle in the bottom left-hand corner of the Product Page and submit a new one.

5. Share your Outfit

Show off your new outfit with a post in the Discover Feed!

You can market your outfit by taking photos of it and sharing it with the IMVU Community. Click on the following links to learn how to take photographs and how to post pictures in the IMVU Feed.

6. Make and Sell an Outfit of your own

Now it’s time to make and sell an outfit of your own by following the instructions in this tutorial!

Check the IMVU Catalog and choose among the diverse bundlable products to create your own outfits. The options are endless!

Updated on July 21, 2023

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