Your Responsibilities as a Creator

1. IMVU Community Values

At IMVU, we support our Creators and believe that the Creator Program should embrace four key values:

  • Collaboration
    • Foster an environment where all Creators feel they can work together.
  • Community
    • Create a rich and vibrant community of creators.
  • Enablement
    • Provide the tools, knowledge, support, and capabilities to achieve what you want.
  • Partnership
    • Ensure that all users are treated as fair and equal partners to both each other and with IMVU.

More information about the Creator Program can be found here.

2. IMVU Guidelines

We also provide specific guidelines about your responsibilities as a Creator, including how to make appropriate products for the IMVU Catalog.

It is very important that you know, understand, and adhere to these policies and terms in order to be successful and make the IMVU Community a safe, respectful, and fun place.

Below are three key documents you should be aware of. Please take a few minutes to review them.

● Creator Agreement and Policy

Anyone who wants to become a Creator must read and agree the Creator Agreement and Creator Policy.

This agreement covers:

  • Being an IMVU Creator
  • Payments for Goods Sold
  • Goods Ownership
  • Trademark Rights and Copyrights
  • IMVU Credits and Earning Method Designation
  • Tax Payment
  • Timing and Methods of Payments to Creators

You are required to accept the Creator Agreement and Policy to become a Creator.

● Virtual Goods Rating Policy

The Virtual Goods Rating Policy applies to all content available in IMVU’s Shop which consists mostly of virtual goods created and sold by our Content Creators.

The purpose of this policy is to help Content Creators by establishing standard guidelines for all products submitted into the IMVU Catalog.

The policy provides details regarding:

  • Categorizing Content (GA, APO, and UFI)
  • Merchandising
  • Minimum Coverage Guidelines for Avatar Clothing

Take a look at this article which covers important points in the policy. The entire policy can be found here.

● Terms of Service

Some highlights covered in the Terms of Service include:

  • Use and Purchase of Goods on IMVU
  • Copyright and Trademark Infringement and Property Rights
  • Community Guidelines

Take a look at this article which covers important points in the terms. The entire list of terms can be found here.

3. Full List of IMVU Policies

IMVU Policies are an integral part of our Community success and we are committed to upholding them.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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