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1. The Creator Program

At IMVU, we believe the act of creating is as natural as connecting, chatting, and sharing. We think everyone can create something, and that users like you should be able to share your creations with your peers. That’s why we’ve built the Creator Program.

The Creator Program allows you to extend your experience by making your own IMVU products such as clothes, accessories, rooms and furniture, meet other Creators, and get advice and help. You can also showcase your work in the IMVU Catalog and make money.

To become an IMVU Creator:

IMVU Desktop App (or IMVU Client)

In addition to creating, the IMVU Desktop App lets you meet and chat with people from around the world. You can make new friends, get matched with others that share your interests, share music in your chat rooms, dress up your avatar, and shop for products in the catalog.

For those who have not downloaded and installed the IMVU Desktop App yet, please read Download and Install IMVU Desktop App.

2. Create Mode

In this tutorial, we are going to focus on one of the 3 major tools in the IMVU Client, the Create Mode. It allows you to put together your own creations which you can publish to the IMVU Catalog to sell and make money.

To access Create Mode, open the IMVU Desktop App and log in.

Once logged in, the IMVU Desktop App will open.

To get to the Create Mode, click on the Create button located on your IMVU main page.

You may have to click on one of the navigation arrows to the right or left to find it.

3. The Creator Dashboard

The Dashboard contains Creator News, Advanced Tools, Local Projects, Creator Progress, and Creator Resources.

● Advanced Tools

   Derive a New Product

Every time you want to create a new product you need to derive it from an existing one first. Deriving means to create a copy of a product and base your new product starting with this copy. From there on out, it’s your product. When you sell it, both the previous people who created the product you derived from and you, make money.

To know How to Derive a New Product, please click here.

   Open a Local Project

The Open Panel enables you to browse projects you have already in progress.

You can learn How to Open a Local Project by clicking here.

   Edit a Product

The Edit Panel enables you to edit a product already created, a product submitted to the Shop.

Find out How to Edit a Product by clicking here.

● Local Projects

As its name indicates, the “Local projects that I recently worked on Panel” displays the most recent projects that you have been working on. “Local” refers to files stored on your computer vs. the Cloud or some other directory not on the computer.

To open a Local Project from this panel, just click on its entry or press Shift + Ctrl + o.

The Create Mode Dashboard also contains information related to the creator and useful resources:

  • Creator News
  • Creator Progress
  • Creator Resources

To learn more about them, please click here.

4. The Editor

Regardless of whether you’re Deriving, Opening, or Editing, you will end up opening the Editor. The Editor is where all IMVU products are assembled, where product creation occurs.

To learn more about the Editor, please read Intro to Editor.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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