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One of the most unique aspects of IMVU is our Creator Community. Rather than a platform being limited by what we can think of, we provide an open environment in which anyone can choose to expand the limits and develop new ways to provide users products for self-expression, and environments and experiences that catalyze connection and friendship.

● Creator Program

The IMVU Creator Program offers a way to extend your IMVU experience – to customize and create the products, rooms, and more that users can take advantage of. Joining the program makes you one of the few that are helping expand the IMVU experience just like our own platform teams.

Our Creator program also welcomes creators to participate at any level. Some creators are 2D artists used to painting and drawing traditionally. They can choose to derive from existing 3D objects in our catalog of more than 40 million, and change colors, add custom graphics, and more. It doesn’t take a ton of work to create a custom version of “mesh” that was created by another Creator. Use it for yourself or if you decide to sell it, everyone gets a piece of the sale. More advanced Creators can create 3D objects in digital tools they already use and add them into the IMVU Catalog.

Join the Creator program if you want to expand on what you’re already doing on IMVU, or if you fancy yourself an artist and want to try your hand at designing your own fashions, or creating great rooms, or spaces that can inspire others to hang out and explore! Ultimately, Creators can create an unlimited amount of products to share or sell, and create community around their creations. Our users get to know you, become fans and before you know it your digital business has started and is thriving.

So, whether you are interested in customizing a few things for your avatar to wear, creating your own products to sell or even conceiving of a whole chat-room experience yourself that you can invite your friends to – it’s an amazing next step to become an IMVU Creator!

● Helpful Resources for Creators

Visit the Creator Education Center to find many helpful tutorials for new and experienced creators.

The Community Center is a wonderful resource where you can find help articles, talk to the community, navigate the creator discussions, and submit a question to our customer support.

To ensure the IMVU experience is fun for everyone, we have specific guidelines (Virtual Goods Policy) on what content is acceptable in the catalog. Therefore, it is very important that every Creator reads this policy.

Please, take a look at our “Your Responsibilities as a Creator” article to understand and learn about the importance of following Creator Guidelines.

What are you waiting for joining IMVU Creators Community?

Do not hesitate! Join the Creator Community!

We encourage you to visit the IMVU Creator Website to learn more, and join the growing community of fellow artists, writers, mesh builders, engineers, and fashionistas!

Updated on July 21, 2023

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