Making an Accessory

Accessories are an important part of your fashion statement. They express your style, taste, preferences, and who you are.

Here at IMVU, accessories are products that are attached in some way to your avatar. They can be items that are worn or held such as hats, glasses, or bags. They can also exist in the space around your avatar such as a sign that floats above your head.

This is your starting point for creating accessories, selling them in the IMVU Catalog, and making money!

Let’s dive in and make your first accessory. We are going to make a pair of sunglasses! You can choose between making either a female or male pair of sunglasses.

Select the pair that you prefer and let’s start customizing your sunglasses!

Customize Female Sunglasses Customize Male Sunglasses

This tutorial is part of the Creator Program. To learn more about the Creator Program, please click here.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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