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A product bundle is a product type that allows users to purchase multiple, grouped products at once. A product bundle can contain as many or as few products as you like. The actual entry in the database of a product bundle doesn’t actually contain any products itself. Rather, it is more like a reference of products that will be purchased together.

Here are some general things to know about bundled products:

  • A bundle can be made up of your own products and or the products of others so long as their product is set to bundleable.
  • You must own a copy of all items made by others that will be in your bundle.
  • All items to be used in a bundle must have passed Peer Review.
  • When a bundle is purchased, the individual items in the bundle are what will appear in the customer’s inventory.
  • Any additions or removal of products will not trickle down to previous bundle purchases.
  • If you or the Creator of a product in your bundle changes the price on an item in your bundle, the bundle’s pricing will change to reflect those changes.
  • Bundles all have an additional 275cr fee attached to them so you will have to take a loss on each sale to price them the same as if the products were all purchased individually.

How to make a Product Bundle

Making a Product Bundle is easy. Basically, all you do is make a new Bundle product and then add the products that you wish to appear in the bundle. The first thing to do is understand what kind of bundle you want to make. There are three kinds:

  1. a Female bundle
  2. a Male bundle
  3. an Everything bundle

Making each kind of bundle above follows the exact same process. The only benefit is that the first two already show up in the appropriate sections of the Shop whereas the third one needs to be told where to live. The third one is better for bundles that contain non-avatar goods.

Bundle Type Locations

As an easy reference, below are the links to the dummy bundle product pages:

Female Dummy Bundle
Male Dummy Bundle
Everything Dummy Bundle

Creating a Bundled Product – Creating the Empty Package

  • Submit an empty bundle by using the make a new bundle link on one of IMVU’s Dummy Bundle product pages.
  • On the submission page use the dropdown to select the category in which you want your bundle to be listed in the catalog.
  • Add the bundle’s name or placeholder product name.
  • Add the bundle’s description or a placeholder description.
  • Set the bundle’s ratting.
  • Add a profit amount or you can just leave it as zero for now.
  • Upload your bundle’s icon or a placeholder icon image.
  • Compatibility and Deriving settings are not applicable for bundles.
  • Check Bundlability only if you want your bundle to be able to be used in other’s bundles.
  • Enter your search keywords or leave blank for now.
  • Uncheck the Visibility checkbox to keep the bundle hidden until it is ready.
  • Hit Submit

Creating a Bundled Product – Adding Individual Items to the Bundle 

  • To add or remove items from your bundle use the ‘Edit Bundle’ link on the new bundle’s product page.
  • To add items to your bundle input their PIDs (Product Identification Numbers) in the box on the bottom Edit Bundle page.
  • Separate individual items by commas.
  • If making a bundle with over 200 items only the first 200 products will be visible on the bundle’s page.
  • Hit submit. (you can come back to this page to add and remove items at any time.)

Creating a Bundled Product – Finalize the Product Page and Publish 

  • To edit the Product Page information, Icon and Profits use the ‘Edit Settings’ link on the bundles product page.
  • Make any final adjustments to the product’s Name and Description.
  • Set your profit (see pricing details bellow)
  • Update your product icon if needed.
  • Add search keywords if needed.
  • Check Visible if this is to be a publicly viewable bundle.
  • Hit Submit. (you can come back to this page to make further edits at any time.)
  • Once happy with the product page and all the items hit ‘Publish’ to send the bundle to Peer Review, once it passes it will be available for sale.

Bundle Pricing


Bundles have a additional 303cr (275cr x 10%) fee tacked on to on each sale. You cannot sell a bundle of products as the same cost as their normal listing fees without taking a net loss.

Bundle Derivation Cost

This is the sum of the bundles. It represents the 275cr fee and the prices of all the products in the bundle minus IMVU’s 10% markup.

Bundle Profit

When adding a bundle profit, the number MUST be a positive integer.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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