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Creator Glossary of Terms


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Access Pass Only (AP)

Access Pass is an available add-on purchase for users over the of 18 that unlocks adult content on IMVU.

Access Pass Only is a product rating category in which includes items acceptable only to an adult audience. Goods in this category are available only to users aged 18 years or older who have purchased the Access Pass (AP).

The Virtual Goods Rating Policy applies to all content available in IMVU’s Shop.

AP Content Definitions
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana Use (AP)
    • Products that allow avatars to smoke tobacco and marijuana or consume alcoholic beverages that are clearly labeled as such. If a product allows someone to mimic smoking and drinking then it is considered AP.
  • Blood and Gore (AP)
    • Depictions of excess/gratuitous blood or the mutilation of body parts.
  • Nudity (AP)
    • Virtual goods depicting full or partial nudity, including but not limited to nude humans, nude avatars, skins, and/or products (transparent or otherwise) that cover less than the GA minimum coverage guidelines below. Depiction of uncovered female breasts and un-aroused male or female genitals are considered part of this category. Products that may meet the minimum coverage guidelines but due to enhancements/enlargements of avatar bodies and parts project the sense of nudity fall under this category as well.
  • Profanity (AP)
    • Obscene, lewd, sexually crude or abusive language. Products that include such content in them – voiceboxes, images on clothing fall into this category.
  • Themes (AP)
    • Moderate to heavy sexual references and/or depictions. Includes any sheer/transparent lingerie and undergarments even if they meet the coverage guidelines. Intimate avatar poses, including but not limited to avatar lap straddling, are considered Access Pass Only except in cases where they are sexually graphic and/or explicit in which case they should be considered UFI. If a product allows an avatar(s) to mimic sexual acts (but not intercourse) then it falls into this category.


Actions are available movements that your avatar can make by typing a trigger word/phrase or by clicking your avatar and choosing an action from the list. In IMVU Studio, you can add triggers to an item, .XAF files (Avatar Animations) and/or .XPF files (Morph Animations).

Age Verification

The process of getting your identity confidentially verified by IMVU. You will receive an Age Verified Badge, and this opens up the ability to purchase an Access Pass if you are over the age of 18 and is one of the steps required in the Earn Money Program.

More about Age Verification
More about Steps to Get your Age Verified

Attachment Node

Avatars have over 80 skeleton parts that a mesher can attach an accessory to. These parts have specific node names that IMVU Studio recognizes. In rooms and furniture, nodes are also used for placing items in a scene.


It is your IMVU persona! Avatar can mean the specific base item that you build your look with (usually gendered) or can refer to your overall completed look.

More about Avatar

Avatar Name

This is your avatar’s permanent name, often the “@name” you’ll see when using IMVU WebIMVU Desktop,  or the IMVU Mobile App. In the IMVU Classic Website and the IMVU Classic Client, your avatar is the only name that displays.

The editable name you can make for yourself in IMVU WebIMVU Desktop, and the IMVU Mobile App is called a Display Name.

More about Avatar Names



Badges are the little icons that appear in the grid next to avatar images. They are a great way to express yourself and are a lot of fun to share and collect.

More about Badges

Badge Canvases

A photo frame where you can organize and show off your badges.

FAQ about Badge Canvases

Base Product

A base product is always made by IMVU,Inc. and has a derived cost of 0.


Bundlability is an IMVU Classic option found in the Product Submission Card, while uploading a product to the Catalog. It allows or disallows users (including yourself) the option of including your product in a bundle or sellable outfit.

This feature is only found in IMVU Classic (as of 9.27.21).

By default, the “Allow inclusion in 3rd Party Bundles” box is checked when submitting an item and you must uncheck it to disallow.


Bundles can be created by a developer to allow multiple products to be purchased at the same time as a set. Items can only be added if they have “Bundlability” turned on by the original Developer.

Bundles (Promotional)

These larger item sets are created for IMVU to specifically promote on the IMVU Classic Website or IMVU Classic Client. IMVU works with Developers who submit their ideas for a bundle or IMVU might reach out specifically to a Developer if they have someone they would like to feature.


Catalog (or Shop)

The Catalog is where all products reside. It is accessible from IMVU Web, IMVU Desktop, IMVU Mobile App, IMVU Classic Website and IMVU Classic Client. The Catalog provides tools to help you find the creations of your favorite Developers, trendy products, or specific products thanks to the search tool among other things. Shopping is easier than ever.

FAQ about Shopping

Catalog Price (or Final Price or Total Price)

The Total Price of a product submitted to the Catalog is the amount of credits you will earn when your product is bought. It includes the derivation fee, your profit markup, and the 10% IMVU markup. Example: 500 derivation fee + 200 profit + 70 IMVU markup = 770 Catalog Price.

Catalog Price for VIPs
VIPs have a 5% discount when shopping. This does not come out of any creator profits in this chain, and instead comes from the IMVU portion of the price. Following the example above, a VIP user would pay 731 credits for that same product, but you as a Creator would still receive your 200 credit profit or developer token.


CHKN is the file type saved from Classic Create Mode and can be imported into IMVU Studio.

Community Guidelines

Refers to the IMVU “Community Guidelines” policy governing allowable user behavior


Customer ID. This can be found by opening IMVU Studio and navigating to File > Preferences (Shortcut: Ctrl + , “


A legal term meaning that a Creator of an original design/work has the right to their own work. If you want to use Third-Party Content, you must have permission from the owner to do it.

IMVU prohibits the submission of Copyright and Trademark violations to the IMVU Catalog.

More about Copyright and Trademark Infringements
More about Reporting Copyright and Trademark Infringements

Creator (or Developer)

A Creator is a person who creates content for IMVU. Typically, Creators are divided into two categories: Meshers and Texturers. A mesher creates base 3D products that texturers can derive from to create unique versions.

Create Mode

The Create Mode (in IMVU Client) is one of the major tools you can find in the IMVU Classic Client. It gives you access to the Creator Dashboard which contains Creator News, Creator Progress, Creator Resources, and Advanced Tools to derive and edit products, and to open your local projects.

IMVU Studio is our latest Creator Tool.

Creator Advertising Program

A program that give Creators the opportunity to promote their products, their brand, and their business to millions of users on IMVU.

More about the Creator Advertising Program

Creator Badge

The earning of Creator Badges are gauged by gaining quarterly awarded, Tier Points. These badges are automatically granted and revoked as your Creator Tier Level goes up or down. You Tier Level can be found here.

Creator Education Center (CEC)

The Creator Education Center (CEC) provides many helpful tutorials for new and experienced Creators.

Creator Program

The Creator Program allows Creators design and make their own products (such as clothes, accessories, rooms and furniture), but also customize the existing ones in the Catalog by deriving from them. Creators can sell their products by submitting them to the Catalog and make money.

More about the Creator Program


IMVU’s digital currency. There are True Credits, purchased with money, and Promotional Credits, given out by IMVU to users.

FAQ about Credits

Credit Balance Events

This report, available in your Developer Report Dashboard, show you any and all things that affected your credit balance, like deriving new products, gifting friends, shopping, as well as income from your sales after they’ve cleared pend (if your Earn Money settings include any percentage towards credits).

More about How to Check your Credit Transactions

Credit Income Events

This report, available in your Developer Report Dashboard, show you income from your sales. It provides interesting data on if Credits or Promotional Credits (Predits) were used as well for each transaction. Your income is listed in credits, but that is adjusted in reality based on you Earn Money settings. Predit sales all result in one Developer Token each.

More about How to Check your Credit Transactions

Credit Pend

The process of sales profits being held in suspension for 14 days before being released into your balance. This was created in a multi-faceted way to prevent credit fraud, alleviate refund issues, and to keep bad actors from being able to “cash in” on breaking the rules.

More about Pended Credits


Daily Spin

A feature on your IMVU Web Homepage that allows you to get free stuff (credits, a random item from the Catalog, or a random WithMoji).

Derivation Chain (or Derivation Tree)

On each product, you can see the line of products that the current product came from. Useful for finding the base derivable product for making your own version of something you enjoyed.

Derivation Fee

The Derivation Fee is the fee you have to pay to the creator who made the product you want to derive from in order to submit and sell your product in your Shop.

More about Catalog Pricing


The process of creating a new, uniquely-textured version of a product that already exist in the Catalog.

Developer Token

When a user purchases a product using Promotional Credits, instead of getting profit for the sale, a Developer receives a Developer Token which has a set value of 10 Credits. These are redeemed automatically when you submit new products in the form of a reduced submission fee.

More about Developer Tokens

Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA)

The legal process of a trademark or copyright owner filing for the takedown of a product illegally using their intellectual property.

More about DMCA


Earn Money Program

Creator Payments are open to all Creators who are able to verify their account and accept payments through PayPal. The account verification process includes providing IMVU with identification details and a review of your Catalog.

Editor Mode

In IMVU Classic (IMVU Client) Editor is where all IMVU products are assembled, where product creation occurs.

IMVU Studio is our latest Creator Tool.



FBX (or FilmBox) is a popular 3D file format used to import multiple materials, meshes, and animations in one shot. In this way, assets can be transferred from one application to another.


The IMVU Feed lets you post your thoughts and photographs, and also see posts from all the people you Follow. As a Creator, you can showcase your products and make yourself known to the IMVU Community by posting in the Feed.

More about IMVU Feed on IMVU Mobile


General Audience (GA)

General Audience is a product rating category in which includes items acceptable to all audience. Users are required to be 13 years or older.

The Virtual Goods Rating Policy applies to all content available in IMVU’s Shop.

GA Content Definitions
  • Blood (GA)
    • Depictions of blood (non-animated).
  • Body Modifications (GA)
    • Any alterations to the avatar’s physical such as robotic limbs, tattoos, piercings, etc.
  • Cartoon Violence (GA)
    • Violent actions involving cartoon-like situations and characters. May include violence where a character is unharmed after the action has been inflicted.
  • Comic Mischief (GA)
    • Depictions or dialogue involving slapstick or suggestive humor.
  • Crude Humor (GA)
      • Depictions or dialogue involving vulgar antics, including ‘bathroom’ humor and mild sexual references.
  • Fantasy Violence (GA)
    • Violent actions of a fantasy nature, involving non-human characters in situations easily distinguishable from real life
  • Gaming (GA)
    • Users can play a game, including those of chance, without betting or wagering real or virtual currency.
  • Mild Violence (GA)
    • Virtual goods depicting characters in mild unsafe and/or violent situations. Also includes realistic weapons that are not used against other avatars or whose intent is not obvious or aggressive harm of other avatars.
  • Mild profanity (GA)
    • Sexually derived expletives (“f” words).
  • Romantic content (GA)
    • Romantic situations, poses, actions.
  • Marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol references (GA)
    • Names of marijuana, tobacco and alcohol products and photos of such products.

Gift Card

A way to get credits for your account. Before purchasing or redeeming credits using an IMVU Gift Card, make sure to read the Terms and Conditions.

More about IMVU Gift Cards
FAQ about IMVU Gift Card


Image File Types

    • .GIF files allow for animation and transparency.
    • .JPG files are generally smaller file types and do not support transparency.
    • .PNG files are slightly larger files that support transparency.

These file types can all be used in IMVU Studio, or the IMVU Classic (IMVU Client) Create Mode. .JPG or .PNG files would be used for your Texture Maps and Opacity Maps.

IMVU Classic Client

The IMVU Classic Client is the legacy software application that gets installed on your desktop or laptop computer and lets you derive, edit, and submit products to the Catalog, but also it allows you to connect and chat with people from around the world, make new friends, get matched with others that share your interests, share music in your chat rooms, dress up your avatar, and shop for products in the Catalog among others.

NOTE: IMVU Classic Client will only run on a Windows PC.

IMVU Desktop

The IMVU Desktop is the new software application that gets installed on your desktop or laptop computer that lets you to connect and chat with people from around the world, make new friends, get matched with others that share your interests, in your chat rooms, dress up your avatar, and shop for products in the Catalog among others.

IMVU Studio

The IMVU Studio is the new software application that gets installed on your desktop or laptop computer and lets you derive, edit, and submit products to the Catalog. It the next evolution of Create Mode available in the IMVU Classic Client.



The Markup is the amount charged by IMVU for submitting your product to the Catalog.

More about Catalog Pricing

Minimum Coverage Guidelines (MCG)

The Minimum Coverage Guidelines are rules that describe what areas of the avatar’s body must be covered for a product to be rated General Audience (GA). It covers clothing products and all depictions of avatars or humans, including product icons and any images on a product page.


This is the name of any 3D base product on IMVU. The mesh is the shape and body of a product, and it is combined with a texture to create a finished product. They can be derived from to create unique versions by changing the texture.


Opacity Map

This file is your transparency map that can go with any texture on a product. No opacity map renders the entire texture visible, and adding an all-white opacity map would render the same effect. Adding black to the Opacity Map would cause that part of the texture to be invisible, and if you turn on “Use Blending” on the Material Parameters, you can also use shades of grey to create different levels of transparency/opaqueness. It is easiest to build your Opacity Map by using the UV Wire Map if provided.

More about Opacity Maps


In IMVU Classic (IMVU Client), collections of bundleable avatar products curated by users and available for sale.

FAQ about Selling Outfits

Outfit Card

In IMVU Classic (IMVU Client), an Outfit Card stores the items included in an outfit among other important information. Within the card, you can:

  • Editing the outfit title and description
  • Removing an item from the outfit
  • Deleting the outfit
  • Changing the picture of the outfit

FAQ about Selling Outfits


Peer Review

A community-based process of screening items before being available for sale in the Catalog. Users can complete Peer Review for Promotional Credit rewards.

The process involves evaluating products to make sure that they comply with the rules of their rating (General Audience [GA] or Access Pass Only [APO]) and to make sure no Unsuitable for IMVU (UFI) products are submitted.

More about Peer Review

Pended Credits / Cash Schedule

These reports, available in your Developer Report Dashboard, show you the sales reports from a given period, the amount you earned (credits or cash depending on your Earn Money settings) and when that balance will be available to you.


Developers who have reached a Tier Level of 7 – 10 are given this tag on their product cards in the Catalog.


A creation that was published to the IMVU Catalog.

Product Identification Number (or PID or Product ID)

The Product Identification Number is assigned to a product when it is submitted to the Catalog.

IMVU Classic Website

Product Submission Card

In IMVU Classic (IMVU Client) Product Submission Cards contains input fields for everything a product requires in order to be submitted to the IMVU Catalog.


A creation that is saved to your local computer.

Promotional Credits (or Promo Credits or Predits )

Predits are free credits given by IMVU to new users and to users who complete promotional credit offers. A Developer does not get paid their normal profit when an item is purchased with promotional credits, and instead receives one Developer Token for the purchase.

More about Promotional Credits


The process of submitting a product. When everything is ready, you can publish your product which then moves to the next step in the creation process, Peer Review.



Art that can only be used on IMVU Classic homepages. Can be static (PNG or JPG) or animated (GIF).

Submission Fee

A required fee when submitting a new product to IMVU. This fee changes based on your Tier Level, and if you have Developer Tokens, these will automatically be applied towards your submission fee (1 developer token = 10 credits).


Texture Map (or UV Map or Wire Map)

The “unwrapped” design of a mesh brought into an editable, 2D form. As a Creator, you can customize these texture maps and add your new designs to a mesh. Meshers will often include a texture map with lots of lines that, when worn, show you exactly where all the points on the map meet when realized in 3D form. These line maps are often called UV Maps or Wire Maps.

More about Textures

Tier Levels

Creators are ranked from tier 0 (new) to tier 7 based on a combination of metrics based on sales, submissions, ratings, and more. Higher tier levels unlock different rewards, like cheaper submission fees and the Pro Tag (level 5+).

You can find out which is your Tier Level by clicking here.

FAQ about Tier Levels


Unsuitable For IMVU (UFI)

Unsuitable for IMVU is a product rating category in which includes items that are not allowed at IMVU at all.

The Virtual Goods Rating Policy applies to all content available in IMVU’s Shop.

UFI Content Definitions
  • Copyright/TM violation (UFI)
    • To learn more about Trademark violations and IMVU’s Copyright (DMCA) policy, click here.
  • Cruelty to Animals (UFI)
    • Any act, depiction or suggestion of extreme violence/sex toward animals.
  • Discriminatory Content(UFI)
    • Anything that overtly harasses, degrades, intimidates or is hateful toward an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, nationality, lifestyle or disability. Products that include such content as voice boxes, images on clothing or furniture items etc fall under this category.
  • Drug Use(UFI)
    • Products that allow an avatar to mimic using or producing illegal drugs (does not include marijuana/pot) fall under these category.
  • Harm to Minors (UFI)
    • Any act, depiction, or suggestion of violence, or sex, to/with minors (anyone under the age of 18).
  • Hate Products (UFI)
    • Virtual goods which represent, promote, advertise, or in any way support, display or depict characterizations of hate-based and terrorist organizations (ex. Neo-Nazi, KKK, ISIS, gangs) or symbolize oppression toward a race or ethnicity (ex. Confederate flags).
  • Malicious Content (UFI)
    • Any virtual goods created to intentionally or otherwise malign another user or degrade user experience. This includes products whose total derivation size exceeds 8 Megabytes. This also includes products that produce flashing/strobing effects that can induce photoepileptic seizures (PSE).
  • Nudity: aroused genitals (UFI)
    • Depictions of aroused genitalia and/or unrealistic or overly detailed genitals.
  • Personal Data (UFI)
    • Anything that includes personal or identifying information about another, real-life person.
  • Sexual Violence (UFI)
    • Any act, depiction, promotion, or suggestion of rape or other violent, non-consensual sexual acts.
  • Strong Sexual Content (UFI)
    • Graphic references to and/or depictions of sexual acts including, but not limited to, penetration/intercourse, and/or oral sex with or without another avatar or any other object; additionally, this includes any overt sexual toys and/or aides.
  • Suicide (UFI)
    • Any act, depiction, promotion, or suggestion of/to suicide.
  • Violence (UFI)
    • Virtual goods involving graphic violence, dismemberment, self-mutilation, homicide; anything depicting extremely grotesque images or acts.
  • Wagering (UFI)
    • Any betting or wagering of real or virtual currency. This includes URLs or references that lead to gambling sites outside of IMVU.com. Payouts that are carried out outside of IMVU are also prohibited.

Use Blending (Editor Meshes Tab Parameter)

The “Use Blending” is a checkbox option on all textures, controlled individually, that allows you to choose if a texture will use a strict black-and-white opacity map or a blended gray-scale opacity map that allows for varying levels of transparency.

“Use Blending” turned on
You can use grayscale colors in your map to create sheer, see-through textures. This works well with things like glass in rooms and tights in women’s clothing.
“Use Blending” turned off
Your textures will be crisp along the edges but this will not support sheerness. It only identifies black and white, and gray values will be treated as black or white, depending on which it is closer to.


Virtual Goods Rating Policy (VGR)

The Virtual Goods Rating Policy are the rules around content ratings on IMVU. The suitable categories are:

  • General Audience (GA)
  • Access Pass Only (AP)
  • Unsuitable For IMVU (UFI)

VIP Program

A monthly, quarterly, or early subscription that unlocks exclusive features and services for VIP members, including the ability to create products.

You receive credits each month, a shopping discount, a VIP badge, VIP support, VIP avatar actions, the ability to whisper in a chat room (private message a specific person while in a group) and more.

More about VIP Membership
FAQ about VIP


2x (or “Power of Two Rule”)

Textures in IMVU should be in a scale that is in the power of two (2x2x2…) such as 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, and 512. Most commonly, textures are in 256×256, 256×512, and 512×256.

Updated on October 9, 2023

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