Being a Creator

One of the most unique aspects of IMVU is our Creator Community. Rather than a platform being limited by what we can think of, we provide an open environment in which anyone can choose to expand the limits and develop new ways to provide users products for self-expression, and environments and experiences that catalyze connection and friendship.

Did you know that everything you see at IMVU was handcrafted by skilled Creators? Would you like to become one of them? Keep reading to know more about it. You will not regret it!

Creator Program

At IMVU, we believe that the act of creating is as natural as chatting, sharing, and connecting. We think everyone can create something, and that users like you should be able to share creations with peers. That’s why we have built the Creator Program.

The Creator Program allows you to extend your experience by making your own IMVU products. 

Many products in the IMVU Catalog can be derived. This means that if a product is set as derivable, other Creators can make a newly edited version of the item and sell it as their own. All Creators involved in that derivation chain get a piece of the sale. That is to say, you get credits back in your wallet every time:

  • someone buys your products
  • somebody buys a product whose derivation chain contains one of your products

Many Creators make a living from their Shops and end up building their own businesses!

For more information about how to make money on IMVU, click here.

Our Catalog has more than 60 million products that you can use to create your own avatars, clothes, accessories, furniture, rooms, and many more. You can make a birthday party room with festive decorations such as balloons, a dance area where dancing and having fun, a huge party table full of cupcakes, presents, and beverages, or comfy sofas where you can sit and catch up with your friends. Perhaps, you prefer creating stunning avatars from different ages, sizes, and genders. Or maybe, you love fashion and you like to make accessories and clothes to wear; from cozy sweaters to party gowns, from wedding bands to cool sunglasses, from high heel boots to comfy sneakers. Our Catalog offers you an endless list of products which you can derive from and/or purchase, and make your own outfits to sell.

Our Creator Program welcomes Creators to participate at any level. Some Creators are 2D artists and others create 3D objects. Whether you are a texture artist or a mesher, you will need a 2D or 3D application to create and/or customize your textures and meshes.

Read the article “What software should I use?” to learn about the apps you can use to make your assets.

Whether you want to import and arrange your own textures/meshes, derive from existing products, or submit your creations to the Shop, you will need our free Creator Tool, IMVU Studio. It will allow you to perform these actions and many more!

Creators can make an unlimited amount of items to share or sell, and create community around their products. Our users get to know you, become fans and before you know it your digital business has started and is thriving.

Join the Creator Program if you want to expand on what you’re already doing on IMVU, or if you fancy yourself an artist and want to try your hand at designing your own fashions, or creating great rooms, or spaces that can inspire others to hang out and explore!

It is very easy!

* Make sure that you access the webpage through an incognito/private window.

By following the previous steps, you are ready to start your journey as a Creator!

Helpful Resources for Creators

IMVU offers many helpful resources for Creators who are willing to learn and/or improve their skills.

Visit the Creator Education Center to find many helpful tutorials for new and experienced Creators, and official documentation about IMVU Studio.

The Community Center is a wonderful resource where you can find Help Articles, talk to the community, navigate the Creator Discussions, and submit a question to our customer support.

To ensure the IMVU experience is fun for everyone, we have specific guidelines (Virtual Goods Policy) on what content is acceptable in the Catalog. Therefore, it is very important that every Creator reads this policy.

Please, take a look at our “Your Responsibilities as a Creator” article to understand and learn about the importance of following Creator Guidelines.

What are you waiting for joining the IMVU Creator Community?

No matter what your experience level is, there is a place for you in our Creator Community. Whether you are interested in customizing a few things for your avatar, creating products to sell, or conceiving a whole chat-room experience for you and your friends, do not hesitate to join the Creator Program!

We encourage you to visit the IMVU Creator Website to learn more, and join the community of fellow artists, writers, mesh builders, engineers, and fashionistas!

Updated on July 21, 2023

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