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Limiting IMVU Studio Product Edits in Classic

As IMVU Studio development continues, we need to consider how products behave when edited in both Studio and Classic Create Mode.

Currently, if you use Classic Create Mode to re-edit and submit an IMVU Studio product, you can introduce bugs that affect all platforms.

To mitigate the issue, we are implementing a small limitation starting some time in January, 2022. If you publish a product in IMVU Studio, you will not be able to open that product for editing in Classic Create Mode. Additional re-editing and republishing will need to be done within Studio.

Deriving from products created in IMVU Studio will continue to be supported in both Classic and Studio.

If you experience an issue where your product looks correct in Studio/Mobile/Desktop but does not in Classic, please let us know.

We want to make sure that products can be edited in Studio and have proper compatibility when viewed in Classic.

Our goal around this change is to ensure your products are bug free and work optimally on all platforms. As you begin to work solely in IMVU Studio we encourage you to provide feedback in our IMVU Studio discussion forums here.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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