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The success of any good 3D product is where you begin. When creating a Furniture or Room product, it is best to start with an avatar to help you gauge scale and as a way to populate your product with correctly named Seat Nodes. Over the years we have created our own default Avatar models that include all the base elements you might need to get started. Below you will find descriptions and links to these simple Max models for you to use when creating your own IMVU products.

Default Standing & Sitting Avatars

When getting started with a Furniture or Room product, it is helpful to start with a basic standing and sitting avatar with all their necessary Nodes. In the Max file below you will find both avatar types, linked to a Root Node, and a Camera if you wish to use this as the beginning of your own Room design. Using basic Avatar mannequins like these insure that your products will be the correct scale and will fit with other products available in the IMVU Catalog. StandingSitting_Default.max

Default Sitting Avatars with Placeholder Furniture

If you are working on a product that only needs to include Sitting Avatars, we have created a very basic Max model that includes avatars in a sitting position. We have also included some very simple furniture stand-ins. These basic meshes can be deleted and replaced with your own chair, sofa, or other item, so consider theses as a guide for scale and as the starting point for your original creation. SittingAvatars_Default.max

Default 20 Avatars Model

One of the biggest drags when it comes to creating a 3D Room filled with avatar seats is having to make sure that all of their various Nodes are named correctly. A while back I created this simple model that includes 20 avatars already correctly named. When creating a complex 3D environment I often start with this base model, or Merge these avatars into my scene when it is complete. Because they are already named all I have to do is place them in the Room and Export! 20_Avatars_Default.max

All of the above models include both a Root or Skeleton Node, this allowed me to pre-Link all the avatars to a Root. I have included a Camera model in each model, also parented to the Root Node. In the case of the Camera, you can delete this if you are creating a Furniture product, or leave it in for a Room project.

If you stumbled on this Tutorial and are unfamiliar with some of these concepts, or some of the elements in each of these models then I encourage you to visit those Tutorials that will help you better understand the many parts that need to be included in any successful IMVU product. Links to these other tutorials can be found within the text of this tutorial.

Be sure to explore the Creator Education Center for more Tutorials written to help make your products better. Also check out some of the Best Practices tutorials to see how you might improve the overall quality of the 3D products you produce.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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