Seat Node Naming

Seat nodes are nodes that are contained within both Room and Furniture products. They tell IMVU where an avatar is allowed to move in the 3D scene. When a user hovers their mouse over the IMVU chat window, they may see some little seat icons appear. When they click on one of those icons, their avatar will move to that location. Well, the seat icon only appears on screen if there is a properly teched seat node in that location.

Node Naming

A seat node has to be named a certain way or the IMVU system will not recognize it as a seat. The naming convention is pretty simple:


  1. The prefix is the seat number. An individual product may have up to 99 seats. So, your seat prefixes can range from 01 to 99.
  2. The prefix and the suffix are seperated by a period in the middle.
  3. The suffix is the Action name. The Action name can be anything you want.


The first letter of the Action name must be CAPITALIZED.

Default Animations

There are two Actions that come standard in the IMVU avatars: Standing and Sitting. If you want your seat node to trigger either one of these standard Actions, you must use the following node names:



Unique Seat Numbers

Although you may have up to 99 seats per Room or Furniture product, each seat number must be unique. This means that you may only have one seat01 per product. So, every seat node in your product skeleton needs to have a number that is different from any other seat number in the skeleton.


If you have two seat nodes in one skeleton that share the same number, then the IMVU code will only recognize one of them. So, if you recognize that a seat node is missing while testing your product, the culprit is probably that the seat has not been named correctly.

New Actions

If you’re interested in learning how to get a new avatar Action to show up in your product, click here to go to the Avatar Action Preview Tutorial.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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