Info Panel

The info panel is where you fill in all the information about your product. Not all sections here are required, but it is good to fill everything out to help your product get seen in the catalogue.

Product Images

The “Classic” image is the one that will show up on This is a 100×80 image/GIF that you can either upload or let the Desktop & Mobile photo dictate.

The “Desktop & Mobile” image is the one that will show up on When you click “Choose Photo”, you will see a bunch of different mannequins which IMVU has made to showcase your products.

Learn more about creating product images here!




First give your product a Name, so people can search for it in the catalogue.

Folder is where all the files associate with your product are.

  • Mac Location: /Users/{username}/Documents/IMVU Studio Projects/{Creator ID}/
  • PC Location:

PID will get automatically populated when you submit your product. It is your Product ID. A unique number that identifies your product.

Type is automatically set based on which product you derive off of.

Rating can be set to either General Audience or AP. Learn more about AP here!

Category options change based on which product you derive off of, but there are used to get more specific about what your product is.

Compatibility is used to set clothing and attachment products to specific avatars. This can be set to Male, Female, or Unisex for most IMVU avatars. If the product can only be used with a custom avatar, there is an option for Custom which lets you specify a PID.

Body Parts is any avatar meshes that you want to override. For example if you make a dress product that covers the Upper Body and Hips, you can hide the default avatars Upper Body and Hips by selecting them here.

Derive From just lets you know which product you derived off of to make the product you are currently working on.


Product Price

Your Profit is how much you want to make when someone buys your product.

Derivation Fee is how much is paid to the creator that you derived from.

Mark Up is a standard mark up in price that is applied to all products.

Total Price is the price that will show up when someone goes to buy your product.


One-Time Fees

Submission Fee is how much it costs you once to submit your product.

Derivation Fee is how much it costs you once to derive from another product.

Total Fees is just these two combined.


Search Keywords

These keywords help people find your product in the catalogue.



NFT-able only applies to NFT products. Learn more about how to create an NFT here!

Derivable allows other creators to derive off of your product and resubmit their own version of it.

Searchable allows users to search for your product on the catalogue.

Display Only allows users to see your product, but not purchase it.

Allow Inclusion in 3rd Party Bundles allows users to make outfits or bundles with your product and sell them as a package.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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