Secondary Actors

You can place multiple avatars around the scene, dress them up with your inventory items and perform actions with them along side your primary avatar.

To add an actor to your scene:

  1. Click on the Actor component
  2. Click the “+” button to add an actor to an empty seat in the room.
    • The “active” actor will be highlighted in the actors list on the left side of your screen. The actor’s name will also be highlighted in yellow over their head.
    • You can switch between actors by clicking on the list, or directly clicking on the avatar in the 3d window.
  3. If you lose an actor in a large room, you can use the “Center on Screen” function from the actor’s menu.

Any secondary actors placed in a project will not be saved with your draft project. Like furniture decoration, this feature is for reference only.

Currently, if you change your room shell, you will lose all the actors that have been placed in the scene. We will probably make an improvement to this in the near future that would allow actors to repopulate after a room change.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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