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Artificial Rim Modifier

Make it look like light is wrapping around the edges of your products with Artificial Rim Modifier (ARM).

Here is a side-by-side with and without using ARM. The difference is subtle, but these are just the default settings.



Ambient gets the color value from the color field under the ‘Environment’ Tab.

Color allows you to set any color, regardless of the rooms ambient color.


Rim Edge

This is the start and end point of the rim. 0 being when an edge is facing perpendicular to the camera, 1 being when an edge is facing directly at the camera. Notice how when the start point is greater than 0, the rim is solid up to that value, then it begins the gradient until the end value.


Rim Multiplier

This is how strong the color of the rim is


Affect Emission

Whether or not the rim affects the emission of the object. This sphere has an emission map of swirls and the Rim Edge was set to Start: .29, End: .3 . Notice while off, the rim does not glow at all, but when on, it does glow

Affect Alpha

Whether or not the rim affects the alpha of the object. Notice while off, if the alpha hides the mesh, there is no rim, but while on, there is a rim regardless of alpha.


Updated on September 30, 2023

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