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Gifting on IMVU

When someone sends a message to another IMVU user, they have the option of sending that person a gift. Before they send the gift, though, they must choose a ‘gift wrap’. Gift wrap is the graphic that appears behind the catalog image and name in a gift message.

There are dozens of Gift Wraps in the ‘Wrapping’ list.

How do Gift Wraps get created?

Gift Wraps are made by Creators and sent to IMVU for inclusion in the list. However, there is no formal process for submitting new Gift Wraps. Rather, IMVU frequently runs contests and events around new Gift Wrap inclusion.


The submission process for Gift Wrap is simple. When a Gift Wrap event or contest occurs, that event or contest will contain an email address to which you can email your finished Gift Wrap image.

When there is no Gift Wrap contest or event, Gift Wrap submissions will not be accepted.

Technical specs

There are some specifics about Gift Wrap creation that you must know in advance of creating one. Here is the list:

  • Must be General Audience. To learn more, please visit the Virtual Goods Policy.
  • File format must be .jpg or .gif (animated is fine)
  • File size must be 40 kb or less
  • Image size must be 198 x 123 pixels

Please use the image below as a guide.

Acceptance Criteria

Along with the technical specs, a Gift Wrap must also meet some other criteria.

  • High quality, low file size
  • Wide appeal to the community
  • Works well when product/music images and text are superimposed


Occasionally, IMVU removes Gift Wraps that have not been used in a while. So, although a Gift Wrap may be accepted as part of a contest or event, that does not mean it will live on forever


It is possible that after reading this, you may still not understand what Gift Wrap is all about. In that case, we strongly recommend you re-read the above and that, at all costs, you avoid the following, terrible example of Gift Rap:

I wanna give you sumfin
that shows appreciation
like a pimped out car
or a trip to space stations

Then I choose some prezzie bling
that tells you how I feel
and make sure the Gift Wrap
keeps it real

Make sure that the Gift Wrap
Keeps it real

Ruh ruh ruh….ruh ruh ruh ruh…ruh ruh ruh ruh real.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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