Virtual Goods Policy

The IMVU Virtual Good Policy includes rules that must be agreed to and followed if you wish to create content for the IMVU Catalog. The purpose of this policy is to layout a framework of acceptable developer generated content, or virtual goods. Before you submit any item to the IMVU Catalog you must agree to the statements made within the VGP, and understand that your product must adhere to these rules. IMVU maintains the right to be the final arbitrator of any item’s content rating and any action taken to support that rating or punishment involved in a policy violation.

Along with the VGP you will find free templates that indicate the minimum skin coverage for both male and female avatars, as well as links to further information regarding Copyright and TM violations.

This policy does not cover user behavior with or without goods, in any of IMVU’s social mediums, please refer to the IMVU TOS (Terms of Service) for any use behavior specific guidelines.

To learn more, you can find the IMVU Virtual Goods Policy here.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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