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Creator Newsletter – December 2021


Find the latest IMVU Studio BETA release HERE

  • New “Make a T-Shirt” tutorial has been added, making it easier for new creators to get familiar with IMVU Studio
  • More tutorials will be coming in future releases! The bone lists for scalers and particles are now dynamic based on the product’s skeleton. Example: now you can attach a particle system to the tip of your dragon’s tail bone!
  • Added a toggle in the view menu to hide avatar labels. Go to the “View” dropdown (the eyeball icon), and toggle “Avatar Labels”

Download the Latest Release!


Get Started Creating

Our new “Getting Started” section in the Creator Education Center is the perfect place to learn what it means to be a Creator. Check it out!

Understanding Minimum Coverage Guidelines

If you’re starting out as a Creators it’s important to know about Minimum Coverage Guideline (MCG). take a look!


NEW IMVU Studio Learning Session!

Learn about IMVU Studio Camera Control tips, Shortcut Keys, Secondary Actors and more! These useful tips and features will help you make the most of IMVU Studio and improve your workflow. Learn more here!

Check out all of our IMVU Studio Learning Sessions HERE.

Texturing Optimization and Best Practices

learn how to optimize your textures by adjusting texture sizes. You’ll also get tips on how to create quality textures that look great and perform well on the IMVU platform.

We’re looking for WINTER ACCESSORY Greeter Gifts

Submit your product to be considered for an IMVU Greeter Gift https://forms.gle/4ob7FZcrrag8eFyw6. Having your product selected as an IMVU Greeter Gift is a great way to promote yourself as a Creator! This winter we’re looking for gloves, hats, scarves, and other winter accessories. Please make separate male and female versions 🙂

Get Featured in this Newsletter

Apply to have your texture featured in our next newsletter as an inspirational example for other IMVU Creators. Your product could also be promoted in the IMVU Discover Feed! Apply here!

Get Inspired

Take a look at Eidil’s Frostbite Suit and Frostbite Fit. We love how Eidil uses the IMVU Studio shine feature to pearlescent winter look.



Meshing Rooms in IMVU Studio

Want a refresher course in meshing rooms? Need some tips on meshing in IMVU Studio? Check out these helpful video tutorials below.




Calling All Room & Furniture Creators!

Apply to be showcased in our Room & Furniture Creator Spotlight, like Creators Bojan and RainEvenMorn and Gatho. If you’re chosen, in addition to being featured in our discussion forums, you’ll also be featured in a message going our to our IMVU Community. This is a great way for you and your shop to get noticed. Apply Now!

We’re also looking for amazing room & furniture Creators to potentially contract with IMVU on individual projects! These projects will be made using IMVU Studio. Learn more here

Get Featured in this Newsletter
Apply to have your mesh featured in our next newsletter as an inspirational example for other Creators to use. Apply here!

Get Inspired

Creator @Gads has introduced some playful new derivable hair styles. check out Alessa Hair Derivable and Shay Hair Derivable. Perfect for winter festivities!