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IMVU Studio Learning Session 6: TIps & Shortcuts

IMVU Studio is our next generation creator tool, currently in development. It serves as the foundation for new features and optimizations on IMVU Desktop and Mobile, allowing Creators to take their products to a whole new level.

What You’ll Learn

In this session we’ll show you IMVU Studio Camera Control tips, Shortcut Keys, Secondary Actors and more! Learning these useful tips and features will help you make the most of IMVU Studio and increase the speed and efficiency of your workflow.*

  • Part 1: @TaunTaunTonic, head of the IMVU Studio product team, will share tips and best practices on the IMVU Studio Home Screen & Deriving, Camera Tools & Shortcut Keys, using Dress-up, Publishing and setting Preferences
  • Part 2: IMVU’s Digital Artist @Drosselmeyer will give you a tour of our new New Creator Education Center.
  • Part 3: @TaunTaunTonic and @Drosselmeyer will answer questions from Creators attending the Learning Session.

Watch Now!

Questions & Answers

(Verbal answers are recorded in the video)

Q: Some Studio accounts have illumination issues with light colors making the product glow completely white. Is that something your team is working on to fix?
A: Hi, Yeah. This is not an issue with accounts. It is actually related to the lights that are in the scene and/or the ambient color of the room. For shininess to work, ambient will need to be low and the number of lights and the brightness of those lights needs to be watched.

Q: Is the deriving process for hair similar to deriving clothing or are there a separate set of instructions for hair?
A: Hair is like an avatar clothing product. In fact all products that are worn except attachment acessories are based on avatar clothing

Q: Will we ever be able to have pre-decorated rooms come up? I tend to set up a workspace room with an opacity tester, sitting, and standing spots. would love to not have to keep setting it up.
A: That is a great question. Right now it is just room shells.

Q: Is the opacity artifact still a thing with beta and studio? Like clothing disappearing in beams of sunlight or glass windows.
A:If you are using Transparency Mode ‘Composite Blend’ or ‘Additive Blend’ there are circumstances where this will happen. We have added a feature to set the ‘Priority’ to force the draw order of these materials. It is in the ‘Advanced’ tab the 3 dots ‘…’ right of ‘Transparency’

Q: Do you guys see normal maps becoming the folds and shadows, while diffuse is color and some texture?
A: Yes. that would be the best way to make products with normal maps. That way folds with react to lights in the scene.

Q: Is someone going to explain the new feature where you can add shine to products texture?
A: We actually have some great reference on the CEC here: https://create.imvu.com/article-topics/technical-tutorials/ and a how to tutorial here: https://create.imvu.com/articles/studio/imvu-studio-how-to-make-and-add-shininess-and-normal-maps/

Q: Would you please show the photo of all the shortcut of keyboard?
A: To see the shortcuts, click the hamburger menu in the upper right hand corner of your IMVU Studio screen, then click help. “Keyboard Shortcuts” will be one of the options.

Q: How do creators take pics for their product page or socials
A: This article shows you how to take hi-res snapshots in IMVU Studio https://create.imvu.com/articles/studio/imvu-studio-creating-catalog-snapshots/

Q: Is it possible to incorporate folders like we have on client for “Looks”? So there can be some type of organization we can get to easier?
A: That is a great question. Not yet, but we can look into that.

Q: Will we have an option to override that when the automated images come into play? Icons are a part of our branding
A: We are looking at how to have more control over the shop image. It will still be generated but, we are looking at how to give creators more over it.

Q: Is there tutorials to show us who want to learn how to mesh?
A: Take a look at these articles about meshing. Hope that helps! https://create.imvu.com/article-topics/going-3d/

Q: Is there a limit on how many keywords you can use when submitting your products?
A: No limit on the number of keywords, just the lenght of a single keyword. 30 characters

Q: The submission fees are one time right?
A: Yes the submission fee is a one time fee. If you resubmit a product, you are not recharged.

*This Learning Session took place October 28, 2021, and the information shared is specific to this time period.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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