Room Deco 2.0

All the functionality of Room Deco 2.0 currently in IMVU Desktop is now migrated over to Studio! Also, furniture placement changes you make to a room while you’re in Studio can now be saved to the room permanently if you manually choose to do so.

To access Room Deco 2.0 in Studio, click this button located in the top left set of buttons.

There are a few differences in behavior between Room Deco on Studio and Room Deco on Desktop:

  • Room Deco on IMVU Desktop updates the live room state with every change you make.
  • In Studio, if you load a room from your inventory and decorate it with furniture, it will save the state locally to your draft project, but WILL NOT alter the live room state. Instead, we’ve added two buttons that allow you to manually update the live room state if you wish:

UPLOAD STATE: Furniture changes to the room will be uploaded to the server and saved with your live room

RESET STATE: Furniture changes to the room will be removed, and the room will be reset to the current live room state.

Keep in mind that if the product you are editing is a room shell, you will not see these options since the room is not a published chat room yet.


If you haven’t checked out Room Deco 2.0 on Desktop, here’s a help page to get you started.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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