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Local Ambient Lighting for Avatars

For room products, avatars in a room can now be lit based on the colors in room in real time! This allows for avatars to feel they are more “inside” the room, instead of composited against it.

Local Ambient ‘OFF’. Avatars are lit based on the ambient light color set in the environment settings.


Local Ambient Light ‘ON’. Avatars are lit based on the colors of the surrounding environment, in real time! Notice how the left side of the avatars are inheriting more blue, and the right side more red!

Here is another example using a “Cornell Box” room shell. Notice how the red, green, and white walls affect the lighting on avatar. Note: In this example the room is lit only by a single omni (point) light which is located at the top of the room by the white “light” square. The Ambient Light Color is black (0,0,0). The walls are not set to Self Illuminate.

How do I apply local ambient lighting to my room?

For room products, simply go to the environment component, and turn on “Local Ambient”. That’s it! Avatars will now receive their ambient light based on the colors in the room.

For any new room product, this setting will be on by default. We highly recommend only turning it off for special use cases.

For all existing room products, this setting will be off by default. We encourage you to modify your published products and turn it on. It’s a fantastic effect which makes all avatars look like they are rendered more naturally in the room. 


Updated on July 21, 2023

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