Derive Mode

The Derive Mode displays all derivable products in the IMVU Catalog. Here, you can browse for the perfect base product to derive from and start creating.

To learn more about how to derive a product, click here.

You have access to helpful resources by clicking on  in the bottom right corner of the screen.

 Find a Base Product

You can use the different resources to find the product you want to derive from in the IMVU Catalog:

Search Bar
  • You can type the product’s name or keywords that describe it, and click on the “PRODUCT” button.
  • If you know the PID of the product you are searching for, you can type it and select the “PID” button.

  • From the left side navigation, you can sort products by Best Match, Latest Products, Oldest Products, and Prices (from the highest to the lowest prices and the other way around).

  • You can also filter your search according to the different products categories:
    • Women: Clothing, Body, Accessories, and Miscellaneous.
    • Men: Clothing, Body, Accessories, and Miscellaneous.
    • Avatars
    • Rooms & Furniture: Rooms, Furniture, and Poses & Actions.

The top selection displayed on the screen in any category will always be the available IMVU base products and empty derivable.

  • You can narrow down your search depending on the rating of the product you want to derive from: 
    • General Audience (GA): products available to users aged 13 years old or older.
    • Access Pass Only (AP): products available to users aged 18 years old or older who have purchased the Access Pass.

  • If you know the Creator that made the product you are looking for, you can type its name in this field, select it, and all the derivable products of the chosen Creator will be displayed on the screen.

 Product Selection

Select a product by clicking on it.

Once a product is selected, a 3D Preview will load in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click on the  icon to view the product in full screen.

When in the Full Screen Preview Window you can perform different actions in order to have a better view of the product you have chosen:

  • Mouse: click + drag to rotate.
  • Trackpad: one-finger click + drag to rotate.

  • Mouse: scroll to zoom in and out.
  • Trackpad: pinch to zoom in and out.

  • Mouse: right-click + drag to pan.
  • Trackpad: two-finger click + drag to pan.

To exit the Full Screen Preview Window, click on the  icon.

 Derivation Chain

Once a product has been selected, the full Derivation Chain of the chosen product is displayed below the 3D Preview.

Each product of the Derivation Chain includes its cost, name, and creator’s name. 

Any product in the Derivation Chain can be selected if you find a simpler or less expensive product to derive from.

Once a product is selected, either in the Derivation Chain or in the IMVU Catalog, you can open its Product Page and see its PID by clicking on the  icon.

 Derive a Product

Once you find the product you want to derive from, you just need to:

Select the product and click on the DERIVE button in the bottom right corner on the screen.

A draft project will be created and it will open in Edit Mode.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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