Convex Reflections

Simulate a mirror-like reflection in your clothing products!

How do I apply convex reflections?
  1. Choose the material you would like to apply it to
  2. A shininess map is required. Make sure you have one applied.
  3. Toggle convex reflections “ON”. You can also adjust the intensity of the map with the slider.
    • NOTE: you won’t see effect if you are in our default white or grey rooms. Load a room with lots of stuff in it so it will be reflected. 😉

Convex Reflections will only be available for avatar based products. (Sorry, no rooms or furniture products yet as the map gets updated depending on where the avatar is standing).

We call it “convex” reflections, because it works best on curved surfaces. Flat surfaces will also work, but it looks much less realistic due to the low resolution map that is created. If you’re trying to create a flat mirror, you might get undesired results.

How do convex reflections work?

A cube map is dynamically generated and added to the material, based on the location of the avatar looking outward. It will give the effect of the environment being reflected in the material. Our Engine team has designed it in a way that has an unnoticeable impact on user loading time or framerate.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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