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IMVU Creator In Residence Program

Program Overview

Hone your skills and share your knowledge in this new paid position.

The IMVU Creator In Residence Program (CIR) offers Creators time to explore their work more deeply and to experiment, while sharpening their design skills and forming a stronger understanding of new IMVU technologies. The Creators in Residence (CIRs) gain priority access to the IMVU staff and resources, fostering a collaborative experience between CIRs and IMVU.

The residencies are designed to serve IMVU Creators with advanced design skills and at least a basic understanding of IMVU Studio. We are looking for both established and emerging Creators, from all over the world.

CIR Alumni Highly Recommend this Program


“The working relationships were exceptional. The environment was surprisingly open to a lot of ‘blue-sky’ thinking and conversations, particularly because much of the discussion aimed to find solutions to various creative problems that cropped up in pursuit of what was being done.

In addition, seeing how IMVU works over a protracted period, the opportunity to have a good look from the outside in, how internal projects are managed and organized was of as equal interest as the ‘artistic’ expectations/goals.”


“I learnt more than I expected! I not only improved my 3D meshing and texturing skills (including meshing rooms) but I could also improve my communication skills, teamwork and time-management. Recording so many livestreams and tutorials for CIR was also an amazing experience for me.

The working relationships were outstanding. Open communication with the team and feeling of inclusion.”


“Working as a Creator in Residence was an incredible experience! I had the opportunity to interact directly with the team and get a better understanding of their workflow and administrative challenges. I was also able to show the team the obstacles we face as creators. Being able to assist in the implementation of new tools was both rewarding and difficult.

They certainly pushed my boundaries and I have learned so much because of it. I am excited to see where the company is going in the future!”

Residency period

  • Upcoming residencies – timing TBD.

Duration of residency

  • 4 months.

Work Space

  • CIRs work from their home office.

CIR Benefits

  • Funding allows Creators more time to explore their artistry.
  • Work more deeply, experiment, and sharpen design skills.
  • Gain deeper understanding of IMVU technologies.
  • Promoted by IMVU as Creator Expert and Mentor.
  • Priority access to the IMVU staff and resources.
  • Collaborative projects with IMVU Staff.
  • Direct support from IMVU Staff.
  • Access to IMVU Studio 1.0 peer and developer support.
  • Become part of IMVU CIR network.
  • Continue creating and selling items on IMVU shop during residency.

Expectations for CIR

  • Devote at least 25% of time to the program. Creating products for shop should not take up the majority of a CIR’s time.
  • Be available for meetings and other communications Monday through Friday Pacific Time (IMVU will take your time zone into consideration).
  • If a Creator is currently working on existing projects for IMVU, they will need to complete them before starting as a CIR.
  • Complete assigned projects, which CIR and IMVU agree upon before the residency. Assigned projects can include but are not limited to:
    • GA, AP, and VIP bundles and the creation of branded bundles.
  • Sharing techniques in Creator Education Center articles and videos.
  • Demoing potential live learning sessions.
  • Direct support for Studio 1.0.

Fees and support

  • Selected Creators are offered a residency honorarium of up to USD $10,000. The amount will vary, depending on availability.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 18 years or older.
  • Advanced design skills.
  • Current IMVU Creator in good standing.
  • IMVU Catalog and IMVU Account must be in line with IMVU’s Terms of Service (TOS) and Creator Agreement and Policy.
  • At least 1 year of experience.
  • Have access to high-speed internet and email.
  • Must be able to speak basic English.
  • Experience with IMVU Studio.

Submission Deadline

  • Check back for our next Creator In Residence Submission Period

What You Need To Apply

A full application, via Google Forms, submitted to the IMVU Creator Team, which includes the following.

  • Letter of interest, (with your full name, address, email and country code plus phone number), outlining your specific interest in the IMVU Creators in Residence (CIR) Program.
  • A URL to a portfolio of your most recent products on IMVU’s desktop platform.
  • Optional – a link to other 2D and 3D digital work outside of IMVU.

Please note that all applications and work samples must be submitted in English.

Application Form

  • Check back for our next Creator In Residence Submission Period

Selection Process

  • IMVU’s staff reviews applications and submissions.
  • The Creator Support Team evaluates each Creator’s submission materials.
  • Finalists are invited to a brief interview to determine the selection.
  • Selected CIRs and IMVU sign a written agreement on what is expected and the related honorarium (i.e. compensation) before the CIR term starts. This will include a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Video features Creator @Unequal

Do you have any questions about the Creator In Residence Program? Check out our FAQs!

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