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Creator In Residence Alumni

Once a Creator In Residence, always a Creator In Residence!

Our CIR alumni receive ongoing benefits after the initial program ends. We’ve set up a private channel where alumni have direct access to IMVU Staff and other CIR alumni.

In addition, we hold monthly CIR alumni meetings where CIRs can share their experience and gain insights from IMVU Staff.

Take a look at our Creator In Residence Alumni below!

Round 2 CIR – February through May, 2023


Hey there! My name is April, but many of you know my as miaka618 or more recently MiakasCreations.

I have been with IMVU since 2006 and making products since ’07. I have always had a deep love for animation. When I was in college, one of my teachers use to work for a local animation studio and he started up the animation program. When they offered an animation degree, I jumped on the opportunity and was one of the first to graduate with this brand new concentration. I have been working with animated products ever since. I’ve even worked on some Mattel toys.

What really drew me into IMVU was the ability to create for myself, and then sell it! I have had the pleasure to watch this company grow and evolve and I have done so right along with it. I have learned to work with 3D models and create my own furniture, accessories, as well as poses and animated avatars. Back then tutorials were scarce so, after teaching myself how work within the restrictions of the program, I started to create tutorials to help others.

I’ve been able to continue this growth with the CIR program and create more creator friendly content to help others along their journey of self expression.

Round 1 CIRS – July through October, 2022


“Having been a Creator on IMVU since 2005 (the ‘Before Times’) my focus has always been on providing tutorials and resources that help others make and publish their own content to the catalogue no matter their skill level.

The Creator in Residence Program was an opportunity to continue this more directly with IMVU itself, and is something that I’d recommend highly. The working relationships were exceptional, the environment was surprisingly open to a lot of ‘blue-sky’ thinking and conversations, particularly because much of the discussion aimed to find solutions to various creative problems that cropped up in pursuit of what was being done.

In addition, seeing how IMVU works over a protracted period, the opportunity to have a good look from the outside in, how internal projects are managed and organized was of as equal interest as the ‘artistic’ expectations/goals.

About jazzKat: is a (traditional) artist, educator, author and consultant specialising in Blender and Game Development.”


“I have been a creator for over 13 years on IMVU and managed to make it my full-time occupation, creating gives me freedom on many levels.

I usually create 3D meshes with textures that other creators can use to create their stunning products. I always aim to create products that will be easy and fun to derive from with attention to detail and the best quality.

Being part of the Creator in Residence program was a fantastic experience. I could elevate my meshing and texturing skills to another level. Working together, brainstorming ideas, and recording tutorials for the community was challenging yet worth every minute as it also improved my communication skills.

The CIR program also gave me a deeper understanding of industry standards and how professionals work. It gave me more motivation to create, mesh and go beyond my comfort zone.”

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