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Upload a Product – Product Page

This is a section of the tutorial “Upload a Product“. See the entire article here.

  ○ Product Identification Number (PID)

When a product is submitted to the catalog, a Product Identification Number (PID) is assigned to the product. It can be found in the Creator Tools Bar below the Product Information Panel.

This number is very important. If you ever want to edit or derive from this product in Create Mode again, you will need to know its PID.

  ○ Make Changes to your Product

If you find that you need to make changes to your product before publish it such as Add Custom HTML, Toggle Visibility, or Edit Product Settings, we have made it easy to do so.

You can click on the following article links to know How to Add Custom HTML and How to Toggle Visibility.

     ◇ Edit Settings

By clicking on this link, the Product Submission Card opens in the Editor allowing you make the desired changes.

When you have all of your fields filled out to your liking, click on the Submit to Shop button.

     ◇ Edit Product

When clicking on this link, your New Product opens in the Editor. Now, you can make changes on your local computer.

Once all changes are saved, you just need to click on the Upload button and add your newly edited version to the catalog. The old version will be overridden.

You can use either of these links before and/or after you publish your product.

You can also Edit a Product by going to the Create Mode. Learn How to Edit a Product in the Create Mode by clicking here.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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