Understanding “Layerable”

Wonder how creators take a mesh and make the jacket part “layerable” (without the skin clipping through or body parts missing)?

In this tutorial you’ll learn how!

Make a “Layerable” Jacket

We’ll be using this (http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=35474072 ) top and jacket mesh by MeshHome.

This mesh has a top included.

The texture slot for the top is 03. Also on that texture is the zipper for the jacket.


We’re going to create an opacity map to black out the parts we don’t want. (More on opacity maps here)

Step 1: Opacity Map

Leave the parts where the zipper is white and the rest black.

Step 2: Upload texture

Upload this texture

…to the 03 opacity slot as shown below.

Step 3: Apply Changes

Apply changes

Your avatar may look a bit funky… like she was attacked by a shark or something. Not to worry!

Step 4: Remove Mesh

Click ‘Remove Mesh’ at the top

Step 5: Add Body ID

Click the ‘Add’ button.

You are going to need to use a body ID number that won’t conflict with anything else. (Link to body part ID tutorial for more info)

Step 6: Reselect XMF

Odd Behavior

Sometimes when you click apply changes at this point, the mesh will disappear. So the way to fix that is to select the blank option on the drop down, then reselect the xmf of the mesh before applying changes.


Some glitches remain

Now what you’ll see is your avatar is wearing the default green top under the jacket… but it looks a bit weird! The skin is clipping through and it just looks glitchy.

Step 7: Remove Skin Composite option

A simple step that most people forget!

In the texture 05 slot we have the skin layer. You need to uncheck ‘skin composite’ and apply changes.

Step 8: Submit


Submit and wear whatever top you like!


Updated on July 21, 2023

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