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Exporting From Blender

If nothing seems to be exported, deselect everything and retry – this forces the process to parse the entire scene instead of specific selections Keeping images in the project development folder ensures they are more likely to be packaged during export and then found on import into IMVU When exporting from Blender, if you embed your texture files into the fbx file they will be extracted and applied by the IMVU import process Also, see the Q&A entry on exporting from Blender with the right options.

Importing Textures

If a texture file was not found when loading it into IMVU, you can click the reference to the texture individually and pick a texture file to replace it If you load an fbx file in IMVU and multiple texture files are not found, you can use the “Select Texture Directory” button to point at the folder where those files are located and they will be automatically fixed, as long as the names match When looking for texture files during fbx load or when hitting the “Select Texture Directory” button, IMVU will traverse 3 levels deep in your directory structure to help speed up the process for you.

Deriving Products

When creating a full female avatar, it is best to derive directly from product 80 When creating a full male avatar, it is best to derive directly from product 191.

Scaling Issues

The FBX format treats object scale differently than Blenders raw numbers, being measured in Metres, scale means something; assets exported from Blender without compensating for scale are usually very (extremely!) large in IMVU. Following the general export or import steps outlined above, this scale difference can be solved in one of three ways; On EXPORT from Blender setting the Scale value (under Main) to 0.01*. On IMPORT to IMVU by setting the Apply scale value to 0.01*. Again in Blender by adjusting Units (found in Scene Properties) so Length is set to Metric and Length to 0.01*. [*] Assumes assets are being exported/imported based on the available Starter Files.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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