FBX Importer Release Notes

Pre-Release Build 534.4

  • Detect opacity map settings in FBX files and create the matching texture files and settings to reflect opacity during import
  • Add a feature that will “Rename room nodes” when importing rooms where the external tool has messed up the bone names (Like “furniture_Wall_01_1” when we expect “furniture.Wall.01”)
  • Provide more useful calculations to help understand the scale of the incoming meshes
  • Address an issue where 3D Studio Max 2018 files can fail to import correctly (allow quadratic skinning types to be exported as linear skin weights)
  • Improve the “polygon to triangle” algorithms for FBX files that have not been triangulated yet (we were not always handling concave polygons well)
  • Fix scenario where bind poses could be off
  • Detect bones with light info and apply (see FAQ for details)
  • Fix a crash when importing an FBX with no skeletons
  • Fixed bug exporting animated furniture (animation can be mis-timed)

Pre-Release Build 534.2

  • Improve support for 3ds Max, Maya & Sketchup
  • Detect mesh groups and components and group meshes into submeshes
  • Add ability to rotate incoming FBX models on the XYZ axis
  • Improve support for Animations and Morphs
  • Detect RBG texture values in incoming FBX files and generate a texture file for each
  • Handle when multiple copies of a component are used in a single Sketchup export
  • Detect when incoming room imports are missing key bones and create them
  • For attachments, set mesh IDs to “auto”

Download the latest IMVU build here

Updated on July 21, 2023

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