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Mobile Native Ad Submission Guidelines

The Feed in our Mobile app experience is one of our most engaged areas of the product and where all users share content and discover what the latest creative designs and happenings are in IMVU.

A long-proven model for engagement, is a “Native” ad – a piece of content that is presented in the same format as the other posts, but also clearly different.

Our Native Feed Ad is 100% customized by you and directs users to your full Creator catalog of products.

Our Native Ad is our best performing ad placement we can offer and we’re excited for Creators to take advantage of it.

Signing up for the program

If you’re eager to launch your Creator business or ready to promote your products that you’ve been working on for many years, we’re excited for you to participate. Simply  go to this link: http://bit.ly/creatorad

This form provides further explanation and a list of specific creative assets we will need from you in order to place your ad. Once the form is submitted, payment will be deducted by our staff (Credits or Developer Tokens) and then you’ll receive a confirmation that your ad has been accepted.

Please note that applying for the Creator Ad program will trigger a catalog review.

Anatomy of a Mobile Native Ad

Native ads include a custom icon and a headline at the top to connect users to the source of the content as well as a post description, striking, large, main image and finally, a Call to Action (CTA) button.

  • Title: 150 characters
  • Icon: 330×300 or greater (with same size ratio) recommended file size <l 5kb
  • Text/Caption: 150 characters
  • Main Image: 1200x627px with a recommended file size <l mb.
  • Link: Both the image and the CTA button (below) are clickable by users and navigate to the destination
  • CTA text: 20 character limit. We recommend short, one or two-word calls to action, as long text may become truncated. i.e. “Buy Now”

This is an example Native Ad in the Feed on IMVU iOS App on iPhone XS

Creator Ad Reporting

The primary metrics in a Creator Ad are Impressions, Clicks, and CTR.

Impressions are a count of how many unique users saw your ad on a given day.

Clicks are the actual number of times a unique user actually clicked on the ad and saw your products. It’s expected that the number of clicks is lower than impressions.

CTR stands for Click Throuh Rate. This is a percentage that is derived from Clicks divided by Impressions.

An industry standard for CTR is a little over 1%.