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Learning Session 4: Particles and Animated Textures

IMVU Studio is our next generation creator tool, currently in development. It serves as the foundation for new features and optimizations on IMVU Desktop and Mobile, allowing Creators to take their products to a whole new level.

What You’ll Learn

In this session we’ll show how to create Particles using IMVU Studio and also talk about texture animation.*

  • Part 1: IMVU’s Digital Artist @Drosselmeyer will walk you our Texture Animation tool, which allows you to add scrolling and cycling animation to your products.
  • Part 2: @TaunTaunTonic, head of the IMVU Studio product team, will show you how to use our new Particles feature, which makes creating particles easy. The tool also offers new ways to customize your Particles.
  • Part 3: @TaunTaunTonic and Drosselmeyer will answer questions from Creators attending the Learning Session.

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Questions & Answers

(Verbal answers are recorded in the video)

Q: Will IMVU Studio also be available to mobile users?
A: Great question! IMVU Studio is not available on Mobile. But you can download it for your laptop/desktop here https://create.imvu.com/imvu-studio-beta/

Q: Where can we download IMVU Studio?
A: Thank you for asking! Here’s the location to download the latest version of IMVU Studio https://create.imvu.com/imvu-studio-beta/. The page also contains IMVU Studio tutorials and other resources like recordings of our previous learning sessions.

Q: When I try to import the same size file I normally do through fbx (which is still under the file size limit), in IMVU Studio the mesh imports with pieces of it not showing up. However when I try to bring in the exact same file through xmf it works just fine.
A: This may be related to an issue we are currently looking into where if you import a very hi-poly mesh >10,000 verticies, the mesh appears to be missing part of the mesh. When you get a hang next time, do a ‘Report a Problem’ by clicking on the ‘?’ in the lower right corner of Studio. This will send us useful info on the issue.

Q: Will the latest IMVU Studio release automatically replace the old version? or do I need to uninstall the older version?
Q: When you download the new version of IMVU Studio you will be given a choice to replace the old version of IMVU Studio or keep both versions.

Q: Is IMVU Studio only a texture editor or can we also create meshes?
A: You can import and work with both textures and meshes. The creation of these assets happens in your content creation software (Photoshop, GIMP, 3ds Max, Blender)

Q: Is there hope for the larger file sizes adoption for hairs 🙏🏾? Lastly any timeline for when the higher texture sizes will be available?
A: We actively looking at product size limts and texture size limits.

Q: Sometimes texture toggle buttons under settings hang or wont show up in view. We also need to add another avatar to create couple animations inside IMVU Studio.
A: Not sure about the texture toggle issue. We would need to know more about what is happening. For the second actor, we have it in our plan to add this feature.

Q: The Material list needs ascending and descending buttons. You also need to put them in numerical order.
A: That is a great suggestion. There are a bunch of features like this we would like add.

Q: Which graphic design program is best for Creators? I’m new here and wish to learn something from IMVU.
A: This depends on what you would like to create. For textures we suggest Photoshop or GIMP but there are several great texture editing programs such as Affinity Photo https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/photo/

Q: I’m a beginner Creator. What program do you use to make 3D mesh?
A: Many mesh creators use 3DS Max, but a great alternative that is free is Blender: https://www.blender.org/

Q: Is it possible make Particles glow?
A: No glow yet. Coming soon!

Q: Is IMVU Studio a new Creator tool? The UI looks so convenient!
A: We are working in IMVU Studio. You can download and try it out from here: https://create.imvu.com/imvu-studio-beta/

Q: Is it possible to show like a fire pot Particles?
A: We don’t have one for this demo, but that is definite possible and a common use for particles.

*This Learning Session took place June 25, 2021, and the information shared is specific to this time period.