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IMVU Terms of Service

This is a section of the tutorial Your Responsibilities as a Creator.

Although we require that you read IMVU’s Terms of Service, you can find some of its most important points below.

Use and Purchase of Goods on IMVU

Whether you are selling, using, or purchasing a product from the IMVU Catalog, you must accept the fees (submit a product to the Shop, associated taxes, etc.) and provide the required information (payment method, etc.) to purchase, use, or publish products in the catalog.

At IMVU we do not tolerate behaviors that infringe users’ intellectual property rights or our own.

Copying or stealing other creators’ content, or using well-known brands for your products without Third Party consent, are considered a violation of the Terms of Service.

For instance, the product on the left (the T-shirt with the IMVU logo) violates the Copyright and Trademark Terms. The product of the right follows the IMVU Guidelines.

Community Guidelines

We offer you a platform where you can be social and express yourself.

We promote freedom of speech and respect (no bullying and harassment, or any other conduct that is considered improper by societal standards).

It is very important that you know and understand appropriate vs. inappropriate conduct. Please, read our Community Guidelines, as we certainly take them seriously.

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Updated on July 21, 2023

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