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Photoshoot – Take a Photo of your Avatar

1.1 Take a picture of your avatar

This is a section of the tutorial “Photosoot“. See the entire article here.

Let’s dive in and take a photograph of your avatar by using the IMVU Desktop App camera feature.

  • To do so, Open the IMVU Desktop App and Log In.
  • Click on the Dress Up button.

For more information about how to download and install IMVU Desktop App, click here.

Go to the Bottom Toolbar and click on Photo .

The Snapshot Options will pop up over your avatar.

Besides the snapshot options, there are two more menus that will help you to take the best picture. By combining the features of all of them, you will be able to take a great photo. Let’s learn more about all of them.

● Background Color

The top-left menu allows you to select the background color of the picture.

By clicking on , a menu of colors is displayed.

You can choose among the different colors.

You can exit the menu at any moment by clicking on .

● Position, Rotation, and Proximity

The right menu lets you rotate and position your avatar.

The arrows allow you to move you avatar to the top, bottom, left, or right.

Click on one of the arrows to displace your avatar in the desired direction.

The circle with a double arrow permits you to rotate the avatar.

Click on the double arrow, drag your mouse over the circle and the avatar will start to rotate.

You can also choose whether you want a take an entire picture of your avatar, a portrait, etc.

Move the double arrow up or click on to get closer.
Move the double arrow down or click on to get farder.

● Snapshot Options

Among the snapshot options you can choose the picture orientation (vertical or horizontal), keep or remove the background color, and take a picture.

Click on the first option to get a vertical orientation or click on the second option to get an horizontal orientation.

Click on to remove the background color of the picture.

If you leave that option checked , you will get just a picture of you avatar, with no background color.

You can exit the menu at any moment by clicking on .

Once your avatar is ready, you can take a picture by clicking on .

The Save Photo window pops up.

Save Photo Window

It lets you:

  • Replace your profile picture with the taken photo when you check the “Replace my profile picture” option.
  • Share the taken photo on your Feed by checking the “Share to my Feed” option.
  • Retake the picture if you do not like it by clicking on the Try Again button.
  • Save the taken picture in your Photos when clicking on the Save button.

Click on Save once your avatar looks like you want.

You did it! You took an amazing picture of your avatar!

● Download the taken picture

All pictures taken using the camera feature are saved in Photos. Photos lets you to create Photo Albums, manage your pictures, share them with your friends and download them on your computer, etc.

To access Photos, click on the Home tab.

Click on Photos.

To access to your recently taken photo, click on “Your first album”.

Click on the picture you took recently.

To download the picture to your computer, click on “Download Photo”.

When clicking on “Download Photo”, a new windows pops up to name and save the picture on your computer.

Click on Save, once you have chosen a name and location for your photo.

Your picture has been saved.

Taking pictures of your avatar is very simple! Did you know that you can also take photographs in a room?

Updated on July 21, 2023

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