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Photoshoot – Post a Photo in the IMVU Feed

3.1 How to post a photo in the IMVU Feed

This is a section of the tutorial “Photosoot“. See the entire article here.

The IMVU Feed lets you see posts from all the people you Follow.

Let’s post a photograph from your browser window!

  • Log in to your IMVU NEXT account.
  • Once you are on your IMVU NEXT homepage, go to the top menu and click on the FEED option.

You can also post in the Feed by clicking on the “Post to Feed” button.

To post a picture, click on PHOTO.

Now, you have access to the Photobooth.


  • This feature is available for IMVU Next and IMVU Mobile users.
  • The Photobooth not only lets you upload a photo from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, but also it lets you create amazing and fun pictures with your avatar in a wide variety of poses. Place it in diverse preset backgrounds, and highlight it with filters and scribbles!

Click on Camera to upload the taken photo.

After selecting a picture and clicking Open, the photo will be loaded to the Photobooth. However, your original avatar will still be in the Photobooth too.

  • You can remove the original avatar from the picture by clicking on it and dragging it out of the Photobooth.
  • Click and drag until the avatar disappears from the loaded picture.

The Photobooth provides different options to customize your loaded photo such as rotation, scribbles, or filters. You can play with these features to add a personal touch to the picture.

When your photograph is ready, click on NEXT.

Before posting the picture, you can type something in the Text Box. You can share your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc.

Text Box

The Text Box has a limit of 250 characters.

Once the photo is ready to be posted, click POST.

You did it! Your post has been added to the IMVU Feed!

Go ahead! Keep your IMVU friends updated or showcase your products through the IMVU Feed!

IMVU Feed on Mobile

The IMVU Feed is also available on IMVU Mobile. To learn more click here.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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