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Dashboard – Open a Local Project

This is a section of the tutorial “The Creator Program and The Create Mode“. See the entire article here.

Open a Local Project

The Open Panel enables you to browse your projects that are already in progress.

A copy of your active projects will always reside in:
  ● Users ➞ [username] ➞ Documents ➞ IMVU Projects.

  ● On Mac:

  ● On Windows:

However, you can save your projects wherever you want.

Depending on the version of your Operating System (Mac or Windows), your active projects could reside in:

  • Documents and Settings ➞ [username] ➞ My Documents ➞ IMVU Projects

When you click on the Open a Local Project button, your “IMVU Projects” folder will open.

CHKN is the default Create Mode file type. To open a project, you have to click on a file with this format. (If you have old products that you made using IMVU’s old creation tools, the file type is CFL).

After selecting a CHKN file, if you click Open, the Editor will open.

You can also Open a Local Project by pressing Shift + Ctrl + o.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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