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Dashboard – Derive a New Product

This is a section of the tutorial “The Creator Program and The Create Mode“. See the entire article here.

Derive a New Product

The Derive Panel enables you to choose a product to derive from.

When you click the Derive New Product button, the Derive a new 3D product window will appear.

You can also Derive a New Product by pressing Shift + Ctrl + d.

Here is where you will specify the product you will use.
This window gives you a list of base products to derive from, but you can also type in a product ID in the Specify Product ID field.
Product ID (PID)

Product Identification Number. It is assigned when a product is submitted to the catalog.

For future reference, Product IDs can be found at the bottom of product pages if you access from the IMVU Classic Website and it is also the number at the end of a product page’s URL if you access from the IMVU Classic Website or the IMVU Next.

  • From IMVU Classic Website

  • From IMVU Next

When you click on a product in the default list or type in a PID, the product details will appear below the Specify Product ID field.

Not all IMVU’s products are set as derivable. If a product is not derivable, it will read “No” in the Derivable field. Otherwise, it will read “Yes”.

When a product is set as derivable, other creators can derive new products from it and set their own products as derivable. You can choose whether your product is derivable during the uploading process to the Shop.
To learn more about How to Upload a Product to the Shop, please click here.

If this is the product you want to derive from, by clicking on Go, the Editor will open.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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