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Become a Creator!

At IMVU it is our goal to give you as many ways to interact with others online as possible. Self expression and shared experiences are just the beginning, and are the starting point for many new IMVU members.

The IMVU Creator Program is our way to help you grow your interactions with others, expanding your own personal community. A Creator is anyone who builds content that can be shared with fellow IMVU members. This can be as simple as creating a 2D sticker for applying to an avatar’s homepage, or changing the texture on an existing product. You could also build original 3D meshes, or write new Flash games to be applied and played in the 3D window.

A Creator is anyone who has a flare for creating outfits, bundling existing products, painting textures, building models, or scripting games. A Creator is anyone who likes to express themselves and share their talents with others. A Creator likes the idea of building a reputation and a community around their creations, and who also likes the idea of starting a dialog with the people that are using and purchasing their work.

So, whether you are interested in making just a couple of stickers for your own homepage, or you want to build a retail empire, you are what we call an IMVU Creator! We encourage you to visit the IMVU Creator website to learn more, and join the growing community of fellow artists, writers, mesh builders, engineers, and fashionistas!

Join the Creator Program here

Updated on October 4, 2019

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