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Marketing Your Shop on IMVU

A key component to being a successful Creator, in addition to high quality products, is marketing your shop. It’s time to get the word out! In this article, we’ll talk about several effective ways to promote your work and attract a buying audience.

Free Opportunities to Market Your Shop

You don’t have to spend tons of Credits to get in front of shoppers. Check out these marketing opportunities that won’t cost you a thing!

Discover Feed Feature complete this form and you may be featured on our Discover Feed! The Discover Feed is one of the best ways for the IMVU community to discover you and your shop. Check out this example featuring Kigiamour!

Greeter Gift Promotion – submit your product to be considered for an IMVU Greeter Gift. Having your product selected as an IMVU Greeter Gift is a great way to promote yourself as a Creator!

IMVU Studio Product Feature – Submit a video clip and image showcasing your IMVU Studio Product, and you could be featured on our Discover Feed and Instagram channel, like Aegod. These features are seen by tens of thousands of potential customers! Complete this form to apply.

Room & Furniture Creator Spotlight – Apply to be showcased in our Room & Furniture Creator Spotlight, like Creators Kty and MsBabyX. If you’re chosen, in addition to being featured in our discussion forums, you’ll also be featured in a message going our to our IMVU Community. This is a great way for you and your shop to get noticed. Apply Now!

Room & Furniture Contracts – We’re looking for amazing room & furniture Creators to potentially contract with IMVU on individual projects! These projects will be made using IMVU Studio. Learn more here!

Creator Newsletter Feature – Apply to have your texture or mesh featured in our next Creator Newsletter  as an inspirational example for other IMVU Creators. Your product could also be promoted in the IMVU Discover Feed. Apply here!

Image Social Media Feature – if you add the hashtag #IMVUCreatorFeature to your social media promotional posts you will be considered for a feature in IMVU social channels. Your posts must include an image. IMVU social channels have large followings making this an excellent way to be seen by millions of IMVU enthusiasts.

Video Social Media Feature – submit a sped-up (around 1 min long) video file of you creating a product to socialmedia@imvu.com for a chance to be featured on our IMVU social channels. IMVU social channels have large followings making this an excellent way to be seen by millions of IMVU enthusiasts.

Creator Ad Program

For Creators who are looking to put their Developer Tokens to good use, the Creator Ad Program is a powerful way to reach millions of users and attract new shoppers. We have two campaign packages available.

Mobile Native Ads get you in front of our biggest audience – IMVU trend-setters and influencers. This is our premium campaign package, which features your ad in the IMVU Mobile Native Feed.

Viewers will see your content front and center, with no competing visuals to distract them, which means they will be more likely to click on them and visit your shop. These are the highest performing ads in the entire IMVU inventory.

This campaign offers 100K impressions for 100K Developer Tokens (or choose credits or a combination of both). Reporting will be delivered during and after your campaign.

Web Native Ads are our standard campaigns, and they get you seen by IMVU users who are ready to buy. Your ad will be placed on the IMVU Web Catalog, the Discover Feed (Desktop only) and the Mac Desktop APP.

Users who see your ad will already be in the shopping mindset or looking to discover new IMVU content.

This campaign offers 1.5M impressions for 50,000 Developer Tokens (or choose credits or a combination of both). We provide you with a final report after your campaign runs.

Learn more about the Creator Ad Program HERE

See our Creator Ad Program FAQs HERE

Take a look at our Media Mavens page HERE for examples of successful ads and advice on how to run a successful ad campaign.




Updated on July 2, 2021

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